What is making you happy at this very moment?

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  1. For me, it's a really little thing right now, but what's making me happy is a large and hot mug of green tea. Something about the warmth of the mug when there's a slight chill in the air. Simple pleasures in life!

    What about you??
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  2. Just had a salami sandwich on Rye.
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  3. My hubby has had several interviews this week and has been offered 2 of the jobs on the spot. Not only am I so happy for him, we finally get to move!!!!! :panic::panic::happydance:
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  4. That's amazing!! Congrats to you and your hubby!!:yahoo::heart::heart:
  5. Thank you so much! :smile::heart:
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  6. My son telling me he was "so happy" to see me when I came home from work. I love that rascal!
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  7. Awww! How sweet!!:heart::heart:
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  8. Family and a good seasonal cocktail:yes:
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  9. The fact that I'm off on Thursdays and tomorrow is Thursday! Yay!
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  10. Best combo ever!
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  11. I hope you do something fabulous tomorrow!
  12. I did! I went to the Bruno Mars concert which was so fun!
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  13. How fun! Love him!!!!:loveeyes:
  14. At the airport listening to Angela Kirchschlager singing Bach
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  15. Angelic