What is LV's biggest big & roomy, functional, everyday bag?

  1. Hi everyone!
    Am wondering what options there are for a large everyday bag, that will easily lug around a bunch of a4 sized books as well as quite a lot more!
    I've heard lots of recs for batignolles, which i reeaally like but was wondering about the other styles that could fit these needs?
    And I don't mind if they are slightly overly big, as i like big bags and am tall!
    Thanks ever so much!!
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  2. speedy! definitely.
  3. Hmmm, how much is a bunch (of books)? You might want to consider more of a messenger style or backpack.

    Cabas Mezzo

    Antigua GM
    In Damier:
    In MC,
    Aurelia GM
  4. i'd say the Batignolles Horizontal

  5. thanks! a bunch of books is mm ..... say the size of the largest 2-ring folder/binders if you know what i mean?
    do LV shoulder/hand/arm bags get uncomfortable if the load is heavy?
    thanku!!! =)
  6. BH, saleya, mezzo,lockit H
  7. ooo, forgot about the saleya...good pick! It is being made in azur, too.

    I do think the hand helds would get heavy, that's the only reason I left off the lockit and manhattan GM, which are both quite roomy.

    You said you were already looking at the BH, so I left that off, but that is a good pick, as the bag itself is very light and won't add to the overall weight too much.

    Let us know what you deide :yes:

  8. Mezzo gets my vote!
  9. Mezzo.. the bh doesn't really have the capacity for all that many books in addition to a4 folders.
  10. I think depending in your size the lockit H will go over your shoulder. I believe it has the same handle length as the saleya.
  11. Usually I'd suggest the BH. But for that many bks. etc., then I'd definitely say the Mezzo. Alot of room, comfortable, and a nice zipper top.

    HTH :smile:
  12. Hth,
    school bags.jpg
  13. Damier chelsea is my pick-its a beautiful bag and love that chocolate leather on the sides and bottom. It holds alot and is great for traveling. I like that its functional as well as very lovely and warrants may complements.I also like that its not so common!
  14. I am considering a buying a Manhattan GM for a laptop carrier. Perhaps it would work for you too?

    It's dimensions 15 X 10.2 X 5.5 inches
  15. I agree. The batginolles horizontal would not be comfortable to carry lots of books.