What is it that make you LVOE LV?

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  1. Hello,

    I started my LVOE affair with LV only two months ago, with NF DE MM. I got hooked - it was three things that I really LVOE:
    - the lightness of the bag - other bags I owned feel very heavy now!
    - the versatility of usage - it feels appropriate for ANYTHING, e.g. Office, weekend with family, drinks with friends
    - the 'subtle glamour' that comes with it - for me, the DE prints are sufficiently known but not shouting out glamour, fits my style

    After NF, I bought a speedy B 30 DE a month ago and now looking at what should be my next. That's a true progress from someone who really never thought of buying $1,000+ designer bags ever, despite having more than sufficient income :P

    So, what makes you LVOE LV?
  2. I know what you mean. One LV purchase, and you are hooked.

    I love LV because it fits my lifestyle in every way. I can find a mom tote, work bag, small wallet, key chain, scarf, evening clutch, conservative bag....in canvas or different types of leather...in different colors and shapes and sizes.


    Best of all, I love how it makes me feel and look when I carry LV.

  3. Agreed! I thought I would be satisfied with having LV once I finally got my hands on one. HA...after my first, I was quickly online researching for the next purchase. They are just amazing bags!
  4. I love their quality
  5. I only buy SLGs and so far, i am a satisfied LV consumer in terms of quality and service rendered.
  6. Great to know that I am not the only one....
  7. I love tt tey keep their value
    I m tired of paying $600 for coach, keep them in the wardrobe (I m a hoarder), only to have the same bag costing $200 a month later
  8. i don't know. but i just see myself keep looking on LV website 'what to get next' every single day..
  9. Because of it's great quality,versatility,wide range..and there is something about the LV shops, they hypnotize me :lol: and i may sound silly but whenever i look at the bags, they kind of say "please take me" :roflmfao: they are really attractive!! will always love LV:heart:
  10. I first loved the story of Louis Vuitton. "L'âme du voyage", the vision of the man in the XIXth century, the first trunks... Only after, I took interest in their present products. With a piece of Louis Vuitton on me, I have the impression to have a piece of this incredible story of excellence and elegance with me. :smile:
  11. The price:lol: It's the value for the money. LV is timeless, chic and prestigious all in one. Named best luxury brand how many years now?
  12. I'm a huge fan of their canvas. It is light, durable and I love the prints. There is something vintage looking about it, especially the monogram. Since most luxury bags are made of leather I find the canvas something different. I've also lately been put off by leather products. I'm not going vegan but I prefer to touch the canvas (although their products still have some leather on them, it's still better than an all leather bag).
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    No idea - addiction maybe? I keep telling myself I will stop. I thought 1 would be enough, then 5. I swore when I hit double digits, I will never buy another or sell off some to keep the number manageable. Now my number is must stop 20 (but with Christmas and my birthday right around the corner . . . so 20 may happen. Let's make it 25)
  14. I LVOE LV because I don't need it to make me feel good or confident but it sure helps!
  15. I love the canvas. It's lightweight , practical and versatile.