What is it about a purse

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  1. That makes you desire for more and more.
  2. It doesn't matter how I feel about my body, my handbag will always look good on!
  3. There is very little worry about fit-as long as it holds your stuff!

    I hate shoe shopping (a wide width, narrow heel and a high instep sucks all the fun out) so handbags are the best!
  4. ^ I hear you, Surfergirl! I have wide feet, a high instep and I can't walk in heels... it's almost impossible to find shoes.
    Most clothes won't fit either... I guess I have a weird body?!

    But bags always fit, they often have many nice details I fall in love with (like special hardware or lining) and you can always wear them: try wearing 4inch stilleto heels when you're on running through the airport all day or shopping for hours... painfull!

    Also, I noticed that sometimes I use my bag as a "shield". Like when I'm somewhere and people are looking at me for no reason, it makes me feel better to have a big and fabulous bag to "hide" behind... does that even make sense? And what does that say about me?! :upsidedown:
  5. I hear you, Peachy Mary! I am plus-sized so it's hard getting nice clothes. A nice bag sweetens up a plain outfit!
  6. Function and beauty. What more would you want?
  7. So true! Purses are my one and only girly thing.
  8. I think if i'd be able to write an essay about them. Seriously. I have an internal love for these things since i was a kid.
  9. As they just wrote "a bag always fit" [​IMG] and can also add interest to even the plainest outfit (white T-shirt, jeans and flats with a great, classic bag , such as.......... you can fill it with your favourite).
  10. LOL and here I thought I was the only person who thought that :roflmfao:

    Shoes, jewelry, and bags always fit so nowadays I find myself spending more on those rather than $$$ on outfits that I can't wear when I've put on weight. Accessories often make the outfit anyway :P
  11. I've never been a big jewelry person just a big pair of hoops for me. I only accessorize with my bags or shoes. I don't know I guess a bag says it all. Even if you're wearing something casual or plain the instant you're carrying a very nice bag it makes your outfit look better. Sometimes I look like a bum and I have had someone say I look really nice and honestly its because of the purse not me lol!!
  12. gucci fan">
    YES! This is exactly how I feel. What a great thread! I've pondered this question a lot lately, and my answer matches GucciFan's because, at 7 mos. pregnant, there isn't a designer piece of clothing or shoes in my closet that works right now. But bags? They work every day, regardless of my expanding waistline! haha

    Also, I think I read in Harper's Baazar that if you're going to spend $$ on designer "anything," it should be an accessory - like shoes or a purse - because clothing is never exactly tailored to fit your body and the materials aren't always of the same high (exclusive) quality. Purses tend to last. Clothes - after a few dry cleanings, the occasional snag, etc. - don't.
  13. :party: I completely agree with everyone ...............
  14. They just make me happy.....
  15. Easier to fit than clothes and shoes.