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  1. just want to share this info's with all Vuitton lovers here,below info's is giving by my buddies who work at LV and with his permission i am allow to post/share the latest LV news with you guys......Enjoy :nuts:

    Some exciting news!


    The Mini Monogram collection will be discontinued! According to the meeting this morning - we are unsure exactly when, but will happen this year.

    There will be a collection that will be taking its place... "Mini Lin Collection."
    Basically the fabric will be black, and of course the monogram logo will be in white... just looking at the picture, and what my manager found out at her training, it'll kind of similar to the materials used on the Trapeze bags... Yeah this collection will not launch till the fall/winter season.

    The Denim collection will come out with 2 back packs - 3 accessories ONLY... no wallets yet.Yeah they look like pouch looking things...but yeah no wallets.

    The Damier collection will offically launch the Speedy 25 and 30, Keepall Band. 55 and regular Keepall 50 on June 1st.

    The Damier collection will also launch some messenger style bags as well - one of them I recall - kind of like the Pochette Bosphore - but with a front pocket on it (that'll snap) not button!

    The Monogram collection will also launch some messenger style types too, also some weird looking bags... they look like the Alma stretched (if I recall, haha - yeah we were all speechless, I forget the name of them too.)

    The Leopard bags will also launch to all stores, except this one bag (I forget the name) but will only be available at the larger stores... no Lease-dept LV's will get this bag.

    The Epi will launch 2 new bags, (I believe a different color too, kind of came off as a olive/yellow - judging by the pix.) Two sizes and they will be a single shoulder bag.

    The Suhali will launch some new totes too....

    The MC FRINGE Collection will HAULT all production on the MC Fring Demi-Lune (so yeah you cannot get it now.) - Lease depts will ONLY get one bucket in white (ONLY) - and the Speedy's will only be available at the free-standing boutiques.

    That one particular line (the shiney ones - haha its late so forgive me I can't spell) but yeah as Karen had stated - all those bags will come out for the fall/winter collection.... - we know it'll have that patent leather deal, but won't be as structured as the Vernis collection - not for sure, but we'll see but yeah totally that is a go...

    There's some other stuff too coming out, but I totally forgot all the details, like some HUGE travel bags that have the logo embossed on some grey and or red patent leather deal... (you'll have to forgive me guys, haha there was A LOT of stuff that was went over the meeting.)

    Oh yeah new key chains coming out as well... one that was talked about was some MC looking thing, I guess its the length from one handle to the other on a Speedy, but anyway they just used that as an example of how long it is... (I'm like, umm okay....haha.)

    OH OH even cuter! For Halloween we are coming out with a Pumkin key chain, and for Xmas - this snow man head deal... it looks pretty cute too.

    Of course more to come when we get look books and such.

    I do not have any pix at this time, haha and I dare not ask for them from my manager - but overall I think you will be pleased with this fall/winter collection from Louis Vuitton!

    The Onatah will be in all black leather too, as well as the Pochette Onatah in that Aragon or was it Mais (I forgot LOL) (I never really liked that one) but yeah it should be hot for the fall/winter season. I believe the Onatah GM was priced at $1570.00 (FYI no fleurs on it this year) its all black leather.....

    Kiss Kiss ;)
  2. Thanks for taking the time to forward this info to us. It is appreciated!
  3. Wow, thank you. Great scoop.
  4. oooh...aahhhhhh...Me must have Black leather Onatah...........argh................
  5. yeah, thanks! very informative.
  6. Thank you so much. I want a mono mini before they're gone. Now I know to buy quick! Lol
  7. I better get my hands on a Josephine before it's gone. Thanks for the info.
  8. Thanks for all the update!!!

    I was kind of hoping that the Damier won't come out with the Speedy coz I wanted to special order one and not want to to see everybody using it :shame: I am glad you told me before I went ahead and order one though!

  9. lets make everyone happy ;) shall we :cool:
  10. Denimbaggy, thank you for sharing the updates with us! It is much appreciated.

    I have one quick question: how big is the new epi shoulder bag, does it have a zipped top, and what kind of shape is it?
  11. Thank you so much! You are our insider!
  12. Oh my, great minds think alike! I am dying for a Josephine!!
  13. Yay! Damier speedy, *drool*.
  14. Thanks for the latest news! I can't wait until Fall/Winter!

    I am sad that the Monogram Mini will be discontinued. However, I look forward to the Mini Lin collection - any word on what shapes there will be?
  15. Great insight! Thanks for such great news. I wonder about the other messenger bags since I got the Tulum last week and it is the best messenger I've had.