WHAT is happening with these sellers????????

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  1. Hi is it just me or are these sellers going to cheat a lot of buyers with using other peoples pictures?



    regards lise
  2. fakers using stolen auctions ,they both need reporting to eBay
  3. Can you report them to eBay UK? The vert gazon City pics belong to lvlady99, a very reputable seller. AMAZING!
  4. does it still have to be the owner of the pics/auctions that reports the theft or can anyone do it now?
  5. I'm not sure, but I've contacted lvlady on eBay to let her know.
  6. Report them!
  7. I've done the same and told lvlady99 that some sellers are using her pics.
  8. Yes, multiple pics have been stolen from various eBay auctions. I can't report from work, but eBay should be notified.
  9. I've trird to report at the bottom of one of the items but it state 'copying of your listing', so it looks like lvlady99 has to do it.
  10. why would they do that? So silly and obvious!
  11. It has to be the owner of the pics/auction. I have tried to report these in the past (unfortunately I bought a bag in a similar type of auction, but didn't have to pay, thankfully!) and eBay told me the owner of the pics must report the theft/unauthorized use.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.