What is everyone supposed to be doing....

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  1. Since I discovered this forum, I have not done a thing at the office....although I look VERY busy on my computer! Anyone else supposed to be doing something else????
  2. Um yes. Like the 1200 word essay that is due tomorrow...or rather today since it's already 6am here!
  3. Ooops...sorry about that essay....any way that it could be based on the history of handbags....I am sure that between all these ladies, we could get you 1200 words in a matter of minutes!!!
  4. Hahaha I wish! Unfortunately it's based on something that I have yet to research...the adv. and disadv. of the UK joining the EMU. *snore*
  5. Yeah! I have a politics test tomorrow.
  6. Working on my thesis...ARGHHHH!`
  7. Nope....can't help you with that one!!! Snore would be correct!
  8. I'm suppose to be sleeping.
  9. I'm supposed to be asleep, too but back pains and purseforum are keeping me up.
  10. I love questions like this... I feel less guilty knowing you guys are procrastinating too! :smile:
    I'm usually supposed to be studying when I'm here... it is a very welcome diversion!!!
  11. I'm supposed to be working on my taxes, but I think they're done for now- just a little double checking to do. I'm deciding what present I'm going to buy for myself...
  12. Working :shame:
  13. Actually, I am supposed to be getting ready for work. I have two depositions that I am going to be late for if I don't get my butt moving.
  14. Yeah, I'm supposed to be drafting :smile:
  15. Me too...working:shame: