What is better; the dreaming and planning, the actual shopping or the stuff?


What is the best part of a new LV?

  1. The dreaming and scheming! I love deciding what to get and the anticipation!

  2. The store experience, wandering around, 'playing' with the bags, and finally picking one.

  3. The actual bag itself. Who cares about planning or shopping, just give me the dang bag!

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  1. OK...usually I like to go the store about once a week or at least once every 2 weeks. Since I sprained my ankle I only went once in the beginning of June, and going tomorrow almost mid July...I have really been enjoying the delayed gratification...(ok, well delayed gratification for me :shame:smile:.

    What is your favorite part of getting a new LV?
  2. OPENING THE FEDE BOX!!! OMG--- :drool: love the feeling!!! :ninja:

    This is b/c I've never been to a boutique--- only shopped eBay, elux, and charge/send........... so, maybe someday my opinion may change, but for now..... gimme the dang box so I can rip it open! LOL!
  3. i prefer the dreaming and scheming! those long hours of clicking on every image of the bag/accessories i want and looking at it from every angle and reading everyone's comments on how they liked theirs or not. of course the actual store visit is nice but i really love the "hunt" before the "kill". :p
  4. For me...its all about the goods....

    I hate the actual shopping experiece really....dont like the LV boutiques' atmosphere..dont know why....but...I just get in and get out as soon as I can....

    Then I go home and take time just eyeing my beauty...

  5. hehe yes.. i love the "research" stage :graucho:
  6. I probably love the dreaming and scheming followed closely by having the actual bag. The boutique experience is often kinda annoying for me because my boutique tends to be super busy or they're understaffed or else they cater to other customers even though every time I go in there it's basically to buy something! But once I get my bag in my hands, it's like, Oh yeah baby! But I definitely scheme and dream for a while before I get anything and that's half the fun for me!
  7. Having the bag is the best for me. I like thinking about what I want but it's so much better to have and use it.
  8. Oh boy...this is so tough!!! I love all three parts!!

    I love doing research on a bag and dreaming/planning on getting it...and of course the wait is *kind of* fun in a way, it gives me something to look foward to each day. Since I pretty much spend whatever I earn, it's also fun to budget/plan my money as well.

    In the store I love to chat with my SA for like an hour before I actually make a purchase. During this time I'll randomly pick other bags to try on, although she knows I won't be getting them. This gives me a chance to look for my next purchase :graucho:

    And of course...having the bag!! I love to read all the care booklets, hold the bag and admire it and play around with the buckles/flaps/lock before I actually use it...and taking pics to post here of course!!

    SO I voted all three!! HAHA!
  9. I only get to a store 3 - 4 times a year, so I don't get much chance to 'fondle' a bag. ;)

    I do heaps of research, - tPF, vuitton.com, catalgoues, magazines. I love the research!

    The purchase of the bag is very clinical.
  10. The best part for me is when I finally get the bag.

    The planning stage is kind of painful IMO. It takes on many sleepless nights deciding which bags and trying to find good excuses why I deserve another bag. I can't seem to wait too long for a bag I want... :p

    Shopping in LV boutique had been a pleasant experience. However, lately I have been placing phone orders directly with Hawaii store to take advantage of lower price and no tax when shipped to CA. So, no more fun shopping at LV boutiques!
  11. I don't really get the opportunity to visit the boutiques, so..it's all charge-send purchases for me, and the anticipation for an item can be dreadful since most likely I had never seen it in real life yet and am worried if it will look good!
  12. the dreaming and scheming part is probably the worst for me because after i decide what i want, i stress out about whether or not the price is going to go up or if i can afford it in the end.

    the actual shopping is the best part. you get to see what really suits you. and carrying that big brown bag is FUN hehe.
  13. ALthough I really, really enjoy my bags I chose the 2nd option because I always feel really giddy when I walk out of the LV Boutique with my Big Brown Bag!
  14. I love the store experience...seeing the actual bags IRL, modelling them in-store and choosing (but not the paying bit :p).
  15. the stuff! :nuts: the stuff! :nuts: