What is a permanent part??

  1. I ask because someone recently asked me if I have a "permanent part," because apparently my hair was parted really straight that day :confused1:

    Is it just what it sounds like-- a part that's permed in? I've never heard of it before :shrugs:
  2. Sometimes if your hair has been parted a certain way, it kind of just stays that way. I kind of have a permanent part. If I just blow dry my hair and let it fall in place, the part in my hair will be in the same place every day.
  3. Ohhhh. Is that all it is? I thought it was something fancier, like an actual process :shame:

    I don't have a permanent part then. My hair will make a straight part anywhere I want and I don't even need a comb :shrugs:
  4. Oh lucky lucky you... mine center parts, always. I can't help it. I used to have a fringe at the front, but it was soooo bad because the will be a gap in the center where there is a part. I've switched to a side swept fringe and it's a lot better now, but I have to blow dry my hair to get a side part that matches the fringe.
  5. LOL! I have the same problem with my fringe right now. I had it cut straight across, kinda like Lily Allen's, and now I MUST blow dry, then flat iron to get it to look "full".

    To the OP: I'm not positive, but I do think they just mean a natural part. Like when your hair always parts on the same spot naturally.
  6. if you have a "permanent part" you can try in the mornings, brush your hair back..all the way back and then put in the part or whatever you want. it should hold
  7. ^ Maybe I do then?
    I still don't think I understand what it is lol. Don't mind me, I'm slow :whistle:

    My hair has a really weird texture, probably because of my heritage. It has some curl (like Jewish hair), but it's REALLY slippery and there's lots of it (like Asian hair). The individual hairs themselves are very fine/soft (like Anglo hair).

    The only thing about it that's easy to manage is that I just part it wherever I want with my hands and the part will be straight. But If I push it back and then let go, it parts in a different spot every time :confused1:
  8. I have a natural side part that I fought for years. Now I just go with it because it fought back and won.
  9. Yeah I have a permanent part too. Kinda stinks but nothing I can really do! I gelled it down, etc. and now I stopped fighting it.
  10. I've always really liked the look that people have, where they have a side fringe at the front and the back of the hair all back if that made sense. There's no part at the back, and it's all just down and wavy and pretty.

    Seeing that my hair is mean and just wanted to have a center part, I ended up just cutting it off. It was easier to do a side part then, and I do suit short hair more.
  11. Ok, so a permanent part is when your hair always parts itself in the same spot no matter what? :confused1:
  12. I'm guessing it's when your hair dries naturally into a part. I can force my hair to do a side part with lots of blow drying on my part, but if it dries naturally it just goes into a center part. Unless I wet it and blow dry it to the side, it will just go to the center.
  13. My hair parts in the same place, ALL THE TIME. Unless I comb it or part it in a different place, it just sort of takes over!
  14. Lol do you find sometimes that even if you did comb it that way and blow dried it, it still goes back to your usual part?

    I find that sometimes... i'm like 'oh God... here comes the paaart!'.
  15. I have a center part too...but I wear my straight hair down, so I prefer it in the center anyway.