what is a kohl pencil?

  1. I've seen this online in different brands. What exactly is it? Like what sets it apart from other pencils? LOL sorry for this stupid question!:shame:
  2. "Kohl" usually refers to the color black. Ancient Egyptians used kohl (made of ground galena--a mineral--sulphur, and animal fat) around their eyes, to protect them from the sun's glare, like football players do today, and also to prevent infection.
  3. I've always wondered how it is supposed to protect the eyes from the sun? :confused1: Do they apply it to the inner rims?
  4. I think it's because the color black absorbs light, instead of letting the light waves bounce back into your eyes. (I think!);)
  5. most kohl pencils are made of wood and need sharpening-unlike automatic liners.......
  6. Kohl is the authentic black eyeliner. Also there is Kajal which is like the soft black eyeliner perfect for smoky eyes.