What is a good price for a Denaro?

  1. I would really like to get a Denaro to go with my growing bag collection but it seems like all the ones I have seen on eBay are in the $80-$100 range which seems like a lot for a wallet. What is a reasonable price for a Denaro? Are they just in such high demand that $80 is reasonable?

    TIA!!! :smile:
  2. well they retail at $68... I think 80 is pretty high, unless it has your perfect placement.

    I've seen folks sell them for as low as $50 on LJ but the older prints are more scarce, so they go for higher ... what print are you looking for? you might try calling the outlets or something... Ihaven't been keeping track of their stock but i know most of them have AS and Pirata in, not sure if they have denaros left.
  3. I ordered one in Transporto from the Lesportsac website - woo hoo!!!

    I'm glad I didn't buy an over-priced one from eBay! :yes:
  4. Speaking of LJ, I keep seeing references made to it. What is it? How does it work? Do you have to join, like a forum? How do you go about seeing what's available for sale? Do you have to search by seller, or is there a search function for items that are on sale?

    Sorry, about all the questions, I'm a total newbie, I don't know anything about LJ. But I love Tokidoki!! ... and judging from the comments, you can find some deals with decent sellers on LJ.

    Thanks in advance!!
  5. i look for denaros everyday on eBay. tutti and famiglia are retail price on there. everything else is about 80-100. there was a pirata one put up today for 115 for buy it now
  6. weird i dont see any trasporto on the website:confused1: all i see is tutti!

    In Hawaii and Guam the denaro retail prices are $83 not $68....:crybaby:
  7. TOKILOCA....
    LJ - Livejournal
    Shoptokidoki - the community we trade/buy/sell in.
    Tokiholics ^same.
    Forum - It's kinda like a forum, more like a blog or a listing of items for sale.
    Membership - YES, you have to join. It's private. When you join you can see the page with the listings...I'm not sure if there's a search function.

    Anyways, I'd say for a denaro the best prices is retail and below. UNLESS, the denaro is totally perfect for you..then I'd go above a little. But, that's me.
  8. vmasters: All the sample photos are Tutti but if you click on one of them you'll see there's the little swatches for both Tutti and Trasporto. They just haven't posted the photos for Trasporto items yet.
  9. Jessaka - Off topic, but your signature pic of your new car is cute...:heart: the Adios Star on the gas tank cover.:back2topic:
  10. Ooh!! LOL thanks! :biggrin:
  11. No problem!!
  12. :biggrin:...ah i think i should wait to see some pics to decide if i want it...im still iffy due the spaces ;)
  13. Did anyone notice that the Trasporto denaro on e-bay that was $114 went down to $104? I wonder if the seller is a poster or lurker here and saw that we were writing about how we wouldn't buy it at that price? *lol*

    I wouldn't even buy it for $104! :nogood:
  14. I'm sure they are a member of tPF. I think I recognize the bedspread underneath the denaro...like I have seen it before.

    I don't think they're going to get that price either since the LeSportsac website already is selling the trasporto print. If they'd listed it maybe a few days earlier before the print was widely available, then maybe it would have sold, but I sort of doubt it now.
  15. the most i would pay for a denaro is $80 ish, only because it retails in hawaii for $83 before taxes.

    It kinda sucks because in the LS stores they only carry a limited amount of denaro. last time i went in to the Ala Moana LS, they only had 10 denaro's that came in. I don't understand it...