What is a good 4 season color for an RM bag?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Just wondering in your opinion, what is a good 4 season color for an RM bag?
  2. I just got the MAM in tangerine and I think it's really versatile!
  3. I am not one to only carry certain colors in certain seasons...I say whatever color you like and makes you feel the best, as well as what would go the best with your wardrobe would be the color to choose.
  4. I don't match my bag to a season or an outfit. I just carry a color I love. my stone MAM is my current love...
  5. :tup:I think black is always in season
  6. i second black!

  7. ME TOO!!!! :tup: You should see me today! My coworks are making fun of me. I've got on a green jcrew dress with my night Nikki... and to top it off i used my jcrew orange coat. :smile: oh well. i feel CUTE! :yahoo:
  8. I agree. I've mentioned before that I tend to apply the seasonal rule more toward fabrics than colors - so I just carry whatever bag strikes my fancy.

    But overall, good year round color - you can never go wrong with any neutral shade, IMO.
  9. I agree with Darcy! I think the night/gold crackle is quite exquisite!

    Stone is going to come to me one day!
  10. navy or a light brown.
  11. Thanks ladies..
    I should get my night/ gold crakle today (keep my finger crossed).
    I am just thinking what should be my next one...I like dusty from this season, but not sure whether it will get dirty easily. I also is considering ordering a Wine something (still debating Nikki or MAM) at full price.
    My closet is full of business like clothing (black, gray brown, khaki..). I am not sure whether either of this color will go with all of them (trying to be greedy with one bag fits all approach)..
  12. Gray, Navy, most shades of Brown, and a deep rich Red would work well year round!
  13. does anybody know where you can get a Stone MAB?
  14. I think the dusty would be great... I know a lot would disagree with me on this, but I used my cream all winter long and it looked perfect. I plan on using it all seasons. It looks so great as a contrast with the darker reds and blues and browns of fall/winter, and will look so nice and light with all the summery colours and textures...
  15. I think the Night would be great for 4 seasons. (just got my night nikki) So I was wondering why night would be made for summer - but now that i have her, I think/ hope not only will she be fantastic for fall/ winter, but her sparkle makes her great for warmer weather too! shes just so sharp that she will look great when worn next too bright colors. AND so soft!!!!