What ipod case do you have?

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  1. What kind ipod cases do you guys have? I really need one and I don't know what to get.
  2. This is not my picture, but this is the case that I have:

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  3. I also have a Coach case, for the full-sized iPod, in all-over metallic gold. It's swell. It was $88.

    That said, I would also recommend a site called cases.com, where I got my Palm Zire case. They have some really nice ones. Mine is the two tone black & tan leather case.
  4. i have this cute kate spade one in pink for my shuffle, its $45 from nm

  5. i'm planning on buying the lv mc mini ipod case.
  6. Thanks ladies, great suggestions! Jane, I checked out the cases.com website and I really like their stuff!

    JJ, I want one of those too, I'm hoping my fiancé will get it for me as a Valentine's gift :P
  7. I don't know what kind of iPod you have, but this one is like the Palm case I got. The leather is really soft and nice and it's just really well-made, possibly Italian...


    good luck!
  8. Thanks Jane! That's a really nice looking one. I have a mini ipod, and I really like this one: http://www.cases.com/pfipmp.htm

    The leather indeed looks soft.. mmm, I think I need to get one :love:
  9. I have this one for my ipod video

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  10. Oh, LV makes one for the ipod mini that's really cute! If I had the ipod mini I would buy this in a heartbeat:

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  11. steph, they make that one for the bigger ipod too ;)
  12. Are there ones at LV now with the cut out bit at the top on the side ? I was looking at getting that very Ipod case for my brother's Ipod video, but they moved the headphone jack to the side so the ones at the store doesn't actually fit the Ipod video since the hole is at the middle.
  13. My brother bought me a juicy couture one from NAP which i did not think i would like ,but i do (ipod shuffle)
  14. I like those iPod socks too! I use them for my cell phone.

    For my iPod, I use the "kimono case" here:

    So pretty!