What in the heck am I doing wrong??????!!

  1. So yet again I relisted my Gucci hobo and LV Twin GM on Ebay and they DIDN'T SELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What the &$*@( am I doing wrong???!!!! Do people just not like these bags or am I asking too much? I am running out of ideas here but I don't want to go down too far on the price b/c I feel I should at least get a decent amt for these bags! They are in great condition and one is only a year old..the other is not even two months old?! I'm up in arms and to add insult to injury, I'm losing $ b/c of the listing/relisting fees, ugh!!!!!!! I'm so FRUSTRATED and stressed b/c time is ticking away and I need to come up with $$$$ for my surgery :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: .

    I'm freaking out and need to know what I'm doing wrong??? Anybody????
  2. Had you try our marketplace? Maybe you can try our marketplace for a while first
  3. OH trust me, I have tried the Marketplace already and even kept bumping my threads so new viewers could see. No luck :weird: :weird: I'm so puzzled. The other thing is, I had sooo many watchers and VERY interested potential buyers who emailed me and then what? Nothing!!!! WTF?
  4. i'm sorry! i went through that before where for some reason i would list things and they wouldn't sell. i didn't see your listings but maybe better/different pictures or do a reserve instead of starting at the price you want to get so people can bid? that really sucks and i hope you can get them sold asap!!
  5. I have the same trouble too when I tried to sell 3 of my bags last month. I relisted them twice and only sold one of them. I ended up taking the other 2 bags to a local consignment store and they're still sitting there. I think it might be because it's the tax season right now and people are not having the extra $ to splurge. Why not wait until after mid April to relist your bags again.
  6. Ok, well that's another problem. If I start too low, then people won't think they are real. If I start too high, people won't bid so I'm kind of stuck?:blink: I started low w/ the 2nd listings thinking that would encourage buyers to bid but not too low that it would mean they were fake (if that makes sense). I feel like emailing the watchers and asking them WTF but that's just my frustration talking....
  7. I don't know much about Gucci, but usually if something doesn't sell it's either because the price is too high or the pictures don't look good. You need to have pictures that make the bag look good enough to EAT! (lol) You might consider starting at a low opening bid with a BIN price in the range you are looking for. Although you might not make as much money as you had hoped for, there is always the possibility that the low price will get a lot of bids and draw further attention to your listing. Also, I usually set a BIN because either someone will buy it right away, or the first bidder will bid specifically to make the bin go away. ;)
  8. I could except that my first half of surgery is in April. That's why I needed to sell these bags now so I could have the $ for it then.:sad2:
  9. Thx for the advice. But you know what? I think I have pretty detailed pics, even a close up shot of the inside, the tag, the fabric so people knew it wasn't fake, of the horsebit detailing, handles, etc. I also had BIN prices that were considerably lower than what I paid for the Gucci and a little lower than what I paid for the LV and I would still consider that bag to be practically new - only used 3x!
  10. Try to take picture of the bag with someone carrying it, so maybe people will have an idea of how it look!
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  11. Gosh jasanna143, I don't know what to say! I'm really sorry to hear that nobody's buying them yet. I don't think you've done anything wrong AT ALL. That's why I'm at a loss for words.
    If I didn't already own the mono Twin Clutch GM, I'd help buy it from you. How about taking even more detailed photographs or adding to your descriptions with some more great marketing words? That's all I can think of right now. And like I said, I don't think you've done anything wrong at all.

    Hope your sales turn out alot better!
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  12. Okay, not having actually seen the auction, I was just throwing out some ideas. Maybe try starting it around 10 pm on a Saturday night and running for 7 days? I feel like Saturday nights at 10 are the best time to ends auctions to get the maximum views.

    I know a low opening bid might make people think it is fake, but if you have a BIN with it maybe they won't think that? Good Luck!!
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  13. Those are some actual great ideas! I thought about auction ending times but didn't think it would matter. Do you think I should try relisting them again but doing it next Sat?
  14. Thx for ur support though! You're too kind! Caannie had a good idea about the auction ending time so I might try that again. ugh! I hate Ebay sometimes!:Push:
  15. I feel your frustration - I sold a few bags (after re-listing a couple of times) ie Dior, Gucci, Juicy - really fabulous bags - for a fraction of the original prices - I also had pretty good photos and the bags were in immaculate condition - I don't think I will do it again - If you can get good money for used bags, I don't know how - Of course, you need the money now so you are up against a clock - It is maddening! I'm sorry all I can do is empathize with you - Consignment shops have been suggested to me but I haven't gone there yet. When I sold, it was before the marketplace - I'm sure I would have done better right here on the PF. I wish you success.