What if.

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  1. What if there is a B35 Etain clemence available for you to buy in H shop. Will you take it? I ask just because I am not sure about the Clemence leather. TIA
  2. If I didn't already have an Etoupe Kelly (the colors, while I love both, are too similar to me to think owning both is worth H prices)..... absolutely!!!

    I personally love Clemence leather! So soft and lush.
  3. Thank you Kyokei. I just made my decision to go for it. I can't wait to pick her up next week.:biggrin:
  4. Congratulations!! You will love her!!!

    I carried my K (also in Clemence leather) very close to me while sitting on a crowded train today and fell in love with the how soft and buttery the leather is all over again.
  5. Yes I will
    If i looking for 35
    If i love neutral grey
    If i can accept clemence
  6. Absolutely!!! Love etain and wanted a bag In this color. I ended up with a Gris T Kelly but if there was an etain B, I would grab it in a heartbeat.
  7. I had b35 in clememce, my 1st Birkin.
    If i knew all different leather type, i would have picked togo over clemence.
    I didnt know how lucky i was when my SA offered me b30 togo and b35 clemence at the same time.
    I just picked b35 because it looked good.
    But it was too heavy and didnt like the bag starting to get slouch too quickly.
    So ended up selling it.

    However, if i had b35 etain offered, it will be very very hard to say no...😅😂😅
  8. its a great leather in great colour and convenient size, but only if you can tolerate the weight. when you start having birkins in other sizes in other leathers you start to notice the difference, but again the selection and combination is beautiful nothing wrong or negative about
  9. Clemence is lovely but very soft for such a big bag. Etain is lovely in clemence ( I have an evelyne in it) so if you don't mind the slouchiness, go for it.
  10. Me the same😊
  11. Can't wait for your reveal! Love etain!!!
  12. Please do a reveal when you pick it up!😄😄😄
  13. No I wouldn't. I am one of the few who does not like the color Etain. Believe me I have tried. Looks like wet cement and goes with nothing in my closet.
  14. oh darling yes yes yes yes yes to your decision of taking her home!! so excited for her to join you
  15. If it was in phw, yes absolutely.