What if...Tutti was reversed black?

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  1. I like Tutti but I hate the fact that it's mostly white and I'm not that nice to my bags so it would probably get dirty fast.

    So, I was thinking, what if the Tutti print was printed in reverse so black background with white images? Would you be more interested in buying it? It would definitely be less susceptible to dirt! Kinda like this:

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  2. I should mention ~ besides reversing the print, I applied some light gray shading to some areas so there weren't glaring patches of white lol.

    Anyway I hope the bag gods are listening and taking pity on us poor mortals who get bags dirty! :P
  3. Great idea! I would be much more into Tutti then.
  4. Maybe... I think the black and white is too sharp of a contrast though, even with the areas of shaded gray. Maybe if the whole thing was gray and white, and then areas of light gray? I dunno, lol.

    I already have a tutti zucca anyway... I just love the print but I'm afraid to wear it too often!
  5. Coug, I love your little pizza-eating devil avatar! :heart: So cute!
  6. Thanks! I got it from some member on LJ tokidoki.it. I'm supposed to credit her if I'm using the image, but her name escapes me (whoops). Look there for more of her cute avatars!
  7. Yes! I love it, but I love Tutti the way it is too.
  8. hMm... i think the original tutti is much better
  9. yea i think i like the original tutti better, theres just something about the simple black n white that makes it look really good
  10. That would make for a great shirt/hoodie.

    I would probably love Tutti even more if it was reversed.
  11. u know, I was thinking about that the other day too! i am sure Simone made this print up that he thought about reversing the colours too...

    i think I prefer the black on white tho, although I am a black person!
  12. It definitely wouldn't get dirty, so that's a plus! However, the black on white is really pretty.
  13. Yeah, I do like the pretty cool designs, but at least for this run of prints Simone is playing a cruel trick by making us all paranoid about dirt on bags lol! Just look at this pattern:

    :sweatdrop: Adios Star (white background, oh well maybe the black stars will be some camouflage for dirt)

    :sweatdrop: Bianco (aiieeeeeee all white!!!)

    :sweatdrop: Tutti (aughh another white background! ~though it is a way cute print when you see it up close in person)

    I'm gonna work on my black Tutti more, and maybe print out a sample to give him when he visits! :devil: Muahahaha!!! I'm sure if he sees the light, only good things will come. Black Tutti bags (well I did hear other thread rumors about him releasing bags on his own or maybe a different collab line), oh and t-shirts, and hoodies, here I come!