What if someone switches and returns a fake?

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  1. I'm a newbie here, but I was wondering with all the uproar in this thread about how good fakes have gotten, is it possible for someone to buy the real thing and return a good fake? Do the boutique receipts have some identification number for each bag (I've only bought from Elux) to prevent this?

    I would suppose (and hope) that LV SA's could spot a fake, but given an authentic receipt, would they not check as much, especially with the more convincing fakes? And Elux, which has been mentioned in this thread, to not always be the most knowledgeable about LV specificities?

    Just wondering if a fake could circulate into what we deem as a 'safe buying haven' and circulate back out to us. :shocked:
  2. that is such a scary thought! i'd like to know what everyone thinks too..
  3. I am sure Elux has "LV expert" in their return/exchange department.. well I hope so.
  4. Anything is possible.. but when you return an item to a boutique the SA's that I have seen while shopping with my SA.. scrutinize the bag pretty good. This is what I have seen with my own eyes..
  5. I vaguely remember there being a controversy a couple of years ago regarding an employee who took a real bag and replaced it with a fake one, which was eventually sold. I remember hearing about it, but have been unable to find any evidence online. Maybe it was more than a couple of years ago. Anybody else here about this?
  6. I have such thoughts sometimes, too.

    And I feel that it'd be really unfair if I bought something that was fake from the boutique. I started to scrutinize my Speedy as well. LOL
  7. To be honest, I highly doubted that was possible! I think everything about the very good fakes, and all that, I think it's like an urban legend! lol! Seriously I know the SA's might not be that knowledgeable, but I think, when it comes to those things they are pretty careful!
  8. ^OT, but I love your avatar, Impsola!
  9. It could be an urban legend, but from what I remember, it was an actual dishonest SA who switched it for the real one, and the customer noticed this when she got home.
  10. ^Anyone remember where it happened?
  11. I remember a thread on here a few weeks back, someone got a MC trouville with a funky date code on it from Elux and was told by the 866 number that date codes mean nothing to customers. Could a super fake have made it back to elux and been sold again?
  12. How can date codes mean nothing? Strange...
  13. it's possible, when i was back in Asia couple months ago, one of the show want to test SA and the quality of replica, so they brought around 15 LVs to the store, and ask if the SA can identify what's fake and what's real. Sadly there are only 5 that's auth, but SA-including store manager all agreed there's 7 auth ones......guess those AAA+ replica can really pass the test.
    Return w/fake to botique is highly impossilbe, but some eBay seller did have some horrible scams from buyer return an empty box w/dc, and claimed PayPal for refund b/c they have DC of seller receive 'the item'.
  14. I too thought that was an urban legend...but after reading this post made by long standing member/mod Selena, I have my doubts! :s
  15. Blah -- to make things scarier, super fakes are reaaaally getting close. I saw a superfake of an MC speedy in person and honestly, I could practically see all 33 colors and to add, in the right color pattern.
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