What if someone promised you an LV trunk full of...

  1. all of the LV items you want (all authentic), but under one condition:

    You must carry a fake LV bag in public for a week.

    Could you do it?
  2. How bad/ugly is the fake one?!:nuts:
  3. yup

  4. Doesnt matter - I am so there.
    It is worth the pain. :P
  5. I'd do it haha. There are so many people who do it proudly, at least I know that I'll be getting something out of it in the end :]
  6. I wouldn't.
  7. YES! but i will wear a face mask
  8. ooo for sure!!!!! >> I'm already dreaming of what I'd want in the LV trunk!! hihi
  9. If the person also included a Speedy 30 filled with beautiful diamond jewelry (Tiffany and Co., Bulgari, Cartier, etc.) how many of you would be willing to walk into an LV boutique with the fake?:lol:
  10. lol i would because id love to be escorted of the premesis, aslong as it was very far away from my country and i wouldnt see anybody again. It wouldnt half make some peoples day lol id love to see something like that

    edit* i think it'd be really funny afterwards, to see who says what etc..
  11. for that trunk of bag... <b>i will do anything, babe</b>
  12. I would totally do it! They sell fakes in the mall here, so people just assume I'm carrying one anyway!!
  13. I am in
    I will wear a wig.
  14. I'd do it in a heartbeat!!!!! Not because I'd be proud to wear the fake...but knowing that in the end it would be worth it!
  15. I would probably do it as long as the fake wasn't a truly terrible one! lol!
    But then again even if it was, its definitly worth it, just think of that is prize at the end! So I guess my answer is HELL YES! lol!