What I wore to work yesterday and my modest CL collection, thus far

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  1. My grey lady gres were fantastic for work. I wore them for 10 hours, honestly, by the end of the day my feet were a bit sore, but not hurting.

  2. I really wasn't mad, my pic just makes me look like a crank!
  3. Shasta, you look great! (I don't think you look cranky, lol!) The Lady Gres look great on you and I love your collection!
    what a gorgeous collection
    and you look amazingggg (=
  5. OOOOOOooooo, NICE collection!!! Please please post more outfit shots too! I would love to see how your wear your metallikas!

    I :heart: your tiger NPs!
  6. Love your collection, Shasta! That's such a great, classic work outfit. You look sassy!
  7. I don't think you look mad at all, infact, I think you look adorable. As a man I think I am qualified to make that judgement :yes:

    My wife, Karen, will be pleased to hear that the Lady Gres are comfortable for such a long time. I bought them for her birthday in January and she has not worn them outside yet!
  8. Cute work outfit & Nice collection, Shasta... :tup:
  9. nice outfit! confident yes. cranky? no.
  10. What a gorgeous collection!
  11. Girl you look amazing!!!!
  12. OMG Shasta, that collection is TDF. I love every pair :love:

    Your pic looks great. I'm known as "the lady with the shoes" too :P
  13. THank yuou everyone! I will be better about posting outfit shots!
  14. Wow, what a great collection. Congrats on all of them!
  15. Love your collection!
    You dont look cranky....you look beautiful...I think you look like Barbie!!!
    Im in love with your hair! Im very tempted to do it, but very scared.