what I purchased at LV & Burberry today, YAH!

  1. I was at South Coast Plaza and purchased the Montisouris Back-pack,
    a Speedy 30, cigarette case, sunglasses (don't know item#)a shoulder strap then off to Nordies I went to purchase the Marc Jacobs large bowler bag Quilted in Bronze. Not shiney like Ursula.
    Then I got a Michele Watch for my mom.
    I scurried over to Burberry and got the Doctors Bag in Patent/Nova Check, NC Scarf and Bucket hat. Weeeeeee, I had fun today!:P
  2. by the way, am I supposed to get a lock and key for the Montisouris back-pack?
  3. WOW! Nice shopping spree! Please post pics of your new acquisitions! I would love to see all your goodies!
  4. No, the back pack doesn't come with lock and keys. And DO post pics when you can, please!!! We'd love to see your goodies!!!
  5. I don't think any of the Montsouris come with a lock and key.
  6. Great minds think alike! :biggrin:
  7. INDEED!!!:biggrin:
  8. Can't wait to see pics! How exciting!!!
  9. pleaseee post pics!!
  10. yes, please post pics so we can drool!
  11. Pics Pics Pics! :graucho: What a great shopping spree :smile:
  12. Sunglasses Omg!! I Cannot Wait To See Them!!
  13. South Coast eh? you just missed our SoCal Meet & Greet, Lunch & Shop meeting! It was this past weekend, and all of us had a ball invading LV Saks! haha.
  14. What A Fun Day Of Shopping! Enjoy All Your New Pieces!!!
  15. Pics! Pics! We want pics!