What I hate about movies nowadays

  1. I hate how every single movie nowadays has a sexed up female in it. Seems like every movie I go to see with my fiance has some woman half naked.
    For instance, that movie 'I now pronounce you Chuck & Larry' is coming out soon, I think it looks pretty funny. But Jessica Biehl (sp?) is portrayed as a sex kitten in the movie basically!
    I just don't understand why every single movie HAS to have sex in it. It is possible to have a good movie without any nudity or vulgar comedy.

    Am I the only one frustrated by this?
    If I was a parent I wouldn't let my children go see any movies because even the PG-13 ones have some pretty questionable content.
    Its ridiculous how bad movies are getting...
  2. am i the only one? lol...
  3. Hmm well I've gotten used to it - doesn't mean that I agree with every little single thing I see in every movie I watch but I don't make too big a deal out of it.

    It's called living in the 21st century.
  4. I agree with you!

  5. I know thats how life is nowadays, thats what bothers me about it.
    I'm only 19 but it still bothers me. I don't think its appropriate. Nor is it necessary. Sex doesn't define a good movie.
  6. It's actually called living in a pornified world. What was considered porn 10 years ago is mainstream now. There is nothing acceptable about this and I am not a prude. I am very grateful not to have any children, especially daughters, in a world where it is the norm for women to be treated by the media, the entertainment industry, corporations, and the Internet as grist for mens' sexual fantasies, being of no worth except for their physical attributes. I agree completely that quite a bit of sexual content in movies is gratuitous and inappropriate, yet people just shrug and say "Oh well, that's just how it is these days." When your 16 year old daughter pulls her shirt up for a Girls Gone Wild video, because everywhere she looks that's how women are "supposed" to behave, is it still going to be OK?

    Sorry...went a little "rant-y" there....
  7. Even the new Transformers movie (which I actually loved). Sex sells.
  8. Sex sells...That's all there is to it!
  9. I know sex sells, its just pathetic.
  10. i loved that movie too :smile:
    i watched a harry potter movie last night (one of the old ones) and even that portrayed the guys lusting after female attributes...i always thought those movies were for younger children too
  11. i agree.
  12. You might want to discover the wonderful world of Bollywood!

    (what's the code for the evil grin icon?)
  13. I've seen Girls Gone Wild commercials before and I think that they're very degrading to women! I mean 99% of them are flat out drunk and don't even know what the hell they're doing. I mean at least females who participate in porn movies do it because they chose to and they know what's going on. And then you have Joe Francis who's completely cashing in on the "sex sells" part of the entertainment industry. I do not like that man at all.

  14. devil, in between two colons.

  15. Yeah, I'm 24 and I know exactly what you're talking about. I took a human sexuality course in college and for one assignment we had to go through magazine ads and pick out the ads that were using sex to sell stuff that had absolutely nothing to do with sex... it turned out to be basically every ad... figures.