What I got at the boutique on Saturday: 2 bags and 2 ponytail scarves

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  1. I returned my Black Patent Zoe on Saturday. This is what I got instead, had to order the Hippie:

    13156: Penelope Hippie

    13532: Penelope Shopper

    98339: LEGACY SIGNATURE PONYTAIL SCARF. For my Ergo Tote in pond patent

    98527: RESORT PATCHWORK PONYTAIL SCARF. For my Ergo Leather Hobo in natural.
  2. pictures arent showing up
  3. ^^^Those look like links. Congrats on your purchases!
  4. Congrats!
  5. Can't see any pics. But they sound pretty. Congrats!
  6. Sorry, for some reason I can't get the pics to copy from the website. I tried right-clicking and then clicking on 'copy'. Got these links????
  7. Love your bag choices, and scarfs - so pretty
  8. Congrats on the goodies. I really am loving the penelope shopper.
    I saw it this weekend and it is really soft and very roomy the way it opens up.
  9. Congrats! I haven't seen the hippie in person, but love the pics I've seen of it on the website. And I saw the shopper yesterday and really liked her. Congrats on your new goodies!
  10. Thank you all! It was between the Penelope Satchel and Shopper in Green. The open-view of the Shopper's yellow lining sold me!
  11. that's quite a haul!!! Congrats!
  12. Awesome choices. Congrats!
  13. Beautiful! Here are pics so people don't have to click on links:

    Attached Files:

  14. Nice purchases! I think I posted in another thread that I am looking forward to seeing the Hippie. The Shopper is a great bag, I saw it last week. DH got me the same legacy stripe scarf and I think it is quite pretty. The colors of the resort scarf are sure fun, aren't they? I hope you can post some IRL pics when you get everything!