What happened with Madonna's clothing line?

  1. Did it bomb?
    Is she still in the clothing business?
    Does anyone care?

    I just saw an H&M ad and remembered all the hype about her new venture then it just seemed to disappear all of a sudden.:confused1:
  2. Another collection is coming so hold on. Madonna is very busy about to release her next album and after that she has her 50th birthday world tour plus more children's books. We Madonna fans are very happy with our closets full from her last 2 collections from H&M :party:
  3. I think it bombed? I went to see those clothes when they came out, they looked like any other h&m clothes but only more expensive, the quality was baad. I didn´t get anything.
  4. It toally bombed.
    In fact I saw a lot of items priced "2 x £9.99" during the sale.
  5. Really? I didn't ever see it in store bc my local H&M didn't carry it, but I really liked the pieces I saw on eBay after (mainly the dresses).