What happened to the Damier Recoleta?

  1. I wanted to look up the french retail price, but it's gone. I always look on vuitton.com (not eLux) so I should see everything - also if it's currently out of stock?! :confused1: Where is it??? :cry:
  2. Hmm maybe they are just out of stock, cos I know Australia still have them. I have one and just for your guide I paid $950AU.
  3. It´s been a long time I haven´t seen the Recoleta in our store...:confused1:
    I have to check in our system if it´s discontinued or not.
    I can confirml you on wednesday if you want(sorry I have 2 days off).
  4. That would be great :yes:
    I won't have an internet connection for ~ 7-10 days from tuesday on, but I'll see it later. Thanks so much in advance! :flowers:
  5. You´re welcome.I´ll send you a private message;)