What happened to the black medium Sutton bag?

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  1. Does anyone know where it went? My birthday is on Wednesday and I want a black one but I just looked on michaelkors.com and nordstrom.com and neither of them have the black anymore! Is it discontinued?
  2. I know! I saw it gone but it reappeared on MK website. Now, it's gone again :sad: .
  3. Actually it's back again!! Nordstroms has it.
  4. What you can do is go to your local macys and asked them to look it up for you and ask them print out the list of stores that have the medium sized sutton in black. Call every store and check availability (if you are very lucky that there will be a Macy maybe within 25 miles from you.... buy it and return to your local macys and then presale( since i think no one would drive back 25 miles to pick up their bag)) .....if there are no any store then ask them to order through phone from the list of stores that have the bag and they will ship it from store to you. ORDER NOW, why? because if you order now, you can get it by the end of next week .RETURN it to macys and repurchase it with 25% off.... they don't offer 25% off if you order from other store or online .... now through 30th... I know it's a hassle but you can save $82.. Trust me this is the best way....because it's sold out everywhere. Anyway good luck:tup:
  5. Just a tip for those who want to order things from Nordstrom:

    From my experience with the company, you can also call your local Nordie's and ask to speak to a handbag manager. They will definitely be more patient and helpful if there's something that you need. It's harder for them if you have a tough request like a bag that is hard to locate to begin with. They'll be more than willing to communicate with you through email/phone if it's for a bag that you've recently seen that you cannot locate through the website anymore. Side note: it helps when you keep the item number of what you're looking for just as a reference! They can find out what stores have it and do an over the phone purchase to send the item to you.

    Sometimes when there's a large demand for it during a sale/price match event, they might pull the item from the website until more stock is available. The website is never the correct inventory for what is available. Definitely reach out to a manager at a Nordies or call their customer service line to see if they can maybe connect you with a store that has whatever you're looking for!
  6. It's back on Nordstrom!!!