What Happened to RM? No More MAMs?

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  1. This is my first time posting here in a long time. I was very active from 2006 to 2010. Rebecca Minkoff was my addiction probably from 2007 to 2009. I was always shopping and posting. A combo of relationship issues, health issues and becoming obsessed with makeup more than bags led to me fading away from the forum. But recently I was on the hunt for my first high end bag in awhile (I started buying a lot of more affordable vegan leather bags for a bit). I stumbled across the forum while searching for a new bag and it broke my heart to see it appears RM no longer makes the MABs, Mams and many other favorites. Does anyone know what happened? I honestly didn’t think the MAM /MAB would ever go away. I thought it was going to be a signature bag for the line like a LV Speedy or something. I was so disappointed browsing her site and seeing Regan Satchels which are not my first choice and new items that I don’t find as appealing. The only thing she seems to still sell from the good old days are the MAC and Mini MAC. After this disappointment I ended up purchasing a MZ Wallace Sutton because it reminded me of the MAM. Such a similar shape just much lighter to carry. I actually am really happy with the Sutton and would like to try more from MZ Wallace. But I do still have all of my RM bags. I have access to some atm and others are tucked away. I’m doing some major cleaning and redecorating soon so they will all come out to play eventually and I can take a family photo. I believe I have 2 or 3 MAMs, a Matinee, a grey Nikki, a sea foam green MAC Mini and one other MAC Mini. I really miss talking about bags especially RM and a few other brands. I guess everything changes. I remember when the brand was still small enough that people were making custom orders on here if we got enough people. It is really nice to talk to RM lovers again. And yes if you know what happened to the MAMs I’m dying to know xoxo.
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  2. I can't remember when she stopped making them, which was a HUGE MISTAKE! She brought them back for a season in 2017 but that was it.
    Even if she brought them back now no way would they be as nice as they were. I say this because the leathers she used now fails in comparison to what she used to use. There are still MAMs/MABs on places like Poshmark and Ebay. I recently got two old school MAMs on Poshmark and they are in perfect condition.
    There are a few of us here now who would be more than happy to talk about RM with you!!
    I can't wait to see your collection!!
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  3. For sure quality isn’t what it used to be. All the new stuff seems to be small There’s appears to be little love left for the line too. I do remember reading something where during the recession places didn’t want to carry her bags if the cost a certain amount, but ultimately I think she just went in a different direction and doesn’t put all focus into her bags any more. From what I can gather, the MAM stopped around 2015 or 16.

    I just discovered RM last year and have bought older bags as well, including a special order MAM.

    Welcome back! I too can’t wait to see what you’ve got stored.
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  4. She did a runway show in 2017 at The Grove where the models carried personalized MAMs or MABs. They were on her site for a short time after that.
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  5. Yes, totally think it was a mistake. I definitely think if I ever got another I would go for old school pre loved. The stuff on her website now is not impressing me. The other day stuff was heavily discounted and I still didn't want it because it's just not pulling me in. Yeah I saw some reviews and I'm super disappointed to hear about the change in quality.
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  6. Yes! I keep forgetting that she did that. Wonder how the quality was on those.
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  7. agree the quality now isn't what it used to be.....I kinda like the style of Regan but the leather doesn't impress me. OP, I'd look for an OS MA or MAM
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  8. I had a Regan before any of my older bags. The leather was so flimsy I sold it. The style is kinda cute, and I liked the whipstitch handle, but why not just make mams still at that point?
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  9. the Regan has a Bal vibe to it and at one time I thought I wanted one but now when I compare the leather to bags I own, it just doesn't seem desirable. I had a few MAMs but eventually I felt that they weren't that comfortable to carry. The handles were a bit short and I prefer to carry by handles rather than long strap. And my outside zip was always open making the bag look sloppy.
  10. Aww thanks glad to be back. I bought most of my larger RMs in 2008 and 2009 I believe (possibly late 2007). I remember around 2010 I got a bag that got damaged quickly and mysteriouly and the brand didn't seem to care. Before that they were more into pleasing customers especially ones on here. I think it was my first that had the signature hardware as opposed to just the clip so I guess the brand was expanding and they just got more employees and I got stuck with a not so fun customer service person. I remember being upset (I was still on the young side), I probably wouldn't react as upset now. So I just gave my business to other companies for awhile. Maybe around 2012 or 2013 even though I wasn't posting here anymore I moved past my grudge and that's when I got the MAC minis I needed something small for a particular reason. I remember even then seeing a few reviews that surprised me. People saying the quality of the leather had changed. Then the last few years of my life have been totally crazy with medical stuff so I just lost touch with what the brand was doing til recently. Yes, I think you are right about the changed focus. Seeing clothing promoted so much and these random bags that look stiff in comparison to the old ones is sad. I thought the MAB / Mam would always be a signature. I remember they used to come with business cards inside from a hot guy named Vincent. That was the whole theme that you could fit all your day stuff, go out at night and have enough room to bring some essentials in case you never made it back to your own apartment. The whole concept gave me SATC vibes at the time which I loved. When I stumbled back on to the site it was surprising to see how little activity this brand had compared to the past. I know sometimes brands fail, but she didn't fail, she just kind of moved on and left much of her original target audience behind. I'm so glad you and others are still discovering old school bags. They will always be works of art to me. They were truly awesome and well made stylish and functional. I may have to do some Poshmark hunting myself because you guys have been finding awesome stuff.
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    Yes totally agree. The Regan has been around for awhile now I think. I was shocked to see that it survived as a continued style and the MAM didn't. I have nothing against the Regan it's cute, but for my personal style the MAM just attracts me more. I love carrying bags in the crook of my arm and I always felt the MAM was perfect for that.
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  12. I looove my MAMs, I never thought I would like them more than the Nikkis but I'm using them every day.
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  13. Those were the good old days! Lots has changed with the brand and not for the good---IMO.
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  14. Ugh, while I wasn’t here at the beginning, reading some of these things you original girls have to say and seeing the downfall sure makes me sad.
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  15. I brought one of my OS bags with me on a rare shopping trip and looked at all of the bags. I kept comparing them to mine and mine was so much nicer. I don't remember all of the brands I looked at but do specifically remember Balenciaga and Chloe. Neither bag had leather as nice as mine, and they are so expensive, I was really expecting more.
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