What happened to my black Luxury Deerskin bowler?

  1. This is the strangest experience I have ever had with a bag. I purchased the black metallic Luxury Deerskin bowler last August. The black was pitch black, and I remember a debate on tPF about whether or not the Fall 06 black bowler was metallic. Here is proof that it is.

    I don't use the bag as an everyday bag and it is stored away from sunlight at all times. A few months ago, I noticed the black was fading to reveal an opal-like glaze underneath but didn't realize how bad it was until I took it outside in natural daylight. I took photos to send to my s/a at Nordstrom and on a whim, decided to try some leather wipes by Weimann that my Mom had purchased to use on my Dad's leather recliner. As I started to wipe, all this black dye started coming off on the wipe but by some miracle, the irridescent areas started to become black again. It took 3 or 4 wipes to restore the leather to pitch black and shiny, just like the day I bought it.

    Anyone have an idea what may have happened. It may happen again, but at least I know what to do to bring back the color and lustre. Below are before pics (haven't take after shots yet)

  2. Oh wow! That's very bizarre, but it's a very cool effect. My luxury tote is patent so I can't say whether that's normal or not. This is definitely the first time I've heard of this happening.
  3. I've noticed that my new MC (glazed leather) tote got a bit metallic reddish, in areas where I grab the bag with my hands. It's almost a bit burnished in these areas, but not bad enough to complain to a SA about it.

    I can't help feeling that this is sort of the same thing, because that reddish colour looks similar to me... except when I tried to clean it, nothing happened. It's still the same.

    Your bag is the oddest thing I've ever seen.
  4. hmmm.....never heard before either....anyway, i don't own any of the luxe line bag but i do have the MB reissue...not sure if it will appears the same issue as your bowler.
  5. Never seen that before...would be curious to know why it happens:heart:H
  6. Roey I would really ask a leather specialist about that-of course they should inform us of how to store bags with special leather procedure at the place of our purchase but some Sas are really clueless in many things-I've heard that humidity for example has the dark colours coming off and then this is getting absorbed by the leather again thus the discoloration in some parts ???
    I've also heard that we should not keep our bags in the boxes all the time just only in the dustbag so the leather can "breathe "
    I know that the metallic effect on bags takes a different procedure but I am not sure if they leave the bag uncoated in order to achieve this effect -I mean the kind of the last protective coat they have on leather so its colour won't go off- I don't know if this makes sense and especially when a bag is so expensive the least they can do is tell us how to store it properly.I am glad the colour was restored again and I hope they come up with a good expanation!! :yes:
  7. Jayne - the same thing happened to Jenn, who used to have the n/s glazed MC tote. She used warm water on a cloth and the black restored, just like mine did.

    chanelspell, the bowler was stored in the dustbag up until my parents had shelving built for my room. All of my bags are now stored out of the dustbag on the shelves (and away from direct sunlight to avoid fading). I am hoping now that the leather is breathing all will be well.

    The last place I lived was pretty humid in the summer. The a/c never really reached the back room where my bags were stored (in their dustbags). Maybe the whole process started there...? Whatever the case, I am now living in comfortable, climate controlled quarters. Only time will tell what happens.
  8. chanelspell, don't you think it's a bit ridiculous that we have to go to such trouble to store our bags? (This is not a personal attack, more like a rhetorical question. :smile: )

    A bag is a bag, we should be careful when using it, protect it from the elements and store in a dust-bag when not in use. I refuse to worry about special procedures and Roey's bag changing just seems too odd.
  9. Ohhh wow, really?! :sad: Is it noticeable in dim lighting, or just in bright, natural light? Either way though, it disturbs me, and I'm just too much of a bag perfectionist to keep mine. :crybaby: I'm going to return my N/S MC and maybe get a Black DS tote instead, who knows. Thanks so much for the heads up Jayne1... I wouldn't have known, because I use my flaps/reissues much more than my totes! :sad:

  10. Ro, the pics of your bowler are insane... in a completely shocking, what the hell happened kind of way! :nuts: I don't know anything about leather and how to care for it, but it seems like the wipes you used somehow interacted with the irridescent areas (which may have been superficial and just sitting on top of the black leather... I have no idea) and erased them somehow to reveal the "real" leather underneath... so strange! :confused1: It almost looks like the bag oxidized... but that makes no sense haha... we're talking about leather! :nuts: Anyway, I hope your SA is able to provide some insight into what may have happened, but hey, in the meantime, you discovered how to "fix" your bag through a creative solution! :tup:
  11. Minal, the black DS tote has the yummiest leather, but you'll go insane trying to prevent the silver CC logo from scratches.;) From one bag perfectionist to another, it is the downfall of the DS tote.

    As for my bowler, I had the same thought that the irridescent areas were sitting on top of the black color. The handles never changed, only the body of the bag. I'm thinking if you rarely use your n/s MC, you may pull it out of the dustbag one day to find the leather has changed. Best to do it now and put the $ toward another bag!:tup:

    I'll PM you about my dark brown Cerf!:nuts:
  12. Hey Ro! :smile: Ohhh, yeah, the only logical explanation to me would be that the irridescent areas did sit on top of the leather, and the wipes somehow erased them! :nuts: Ahhh, good point... the CC logo is pretty prominent on the DS tote, and I just might go insane trying to keep it in perfect condition! :nuts: I have to decide what my black tote options are, ahh! :sweatdrop:

    Ohhh, yes, PM me haha, I need brown Cerf intel! ;) I'll PM you too, because I need some help figuring out how to spend the 2.8K or so I'll be getting back from the MC tote! :p Better I return the tote and get something else than open up the box one day to find my MC tote has morphed into something that freaks me out!! :nuts:
  13. oh that poor little bowler!! I don't have any helpful suggestions though...I'm too interested in hearing about your new cerf!
  14. my black gucci and ysl bags had the same effect when it got wet in the rain. so far, my chanel bags never had a problem like that.
  15. hi Jayne (come on I'm not offended by you:heart:)I was just trying to give a logical explanation too cause as I said this is an expensive bag and a Chanel !these things shouldn't happen if the bag hasn't been exposed to harsh conditions-which I don't think it was in Roey's case.
    Nevertheless I insist they should give us a piece of advice on how to store particular leathers (for ex I didn't know about the colour migration on the light colour patent bags before and although it's written in the little Chanel booklet inside every bag we buy I would rather have my SA or any Sa give me a piece or two of advice on certain bags!)
    I must add that I'm reallly curious to hear what they intend to do,I mean will they suggest Roey return the bag and give her a refund or another one ?-the latter is hard though I guess since it is a LE piece!But again will they acknowledge it is their fault if there was not any similar discoloration problem with other black met lux bowlers??See they have recalled the whole new modern chain ligne as soon as the rodoid chains proved to be problematic.... must add though that I am not excusing them in anyway for not having more strict quality control before the bags leave for the boutiques and stores!!!:nogood: