What happened to Jaune First?

  1. Does anyone know?
    I put my name on the notification list but has not heard anything..and it has been ages since Violet first came out(which I thought Jaune should be around the same time)..

    TIA :heart:
  2. I think I have posted this in a wrong place (I thought I was in the "Shoping") forum..
    Sorry Mod! Please kindly move this..

    TIA :heart:
  3. I just remembered that I've been on the waitlist for a jaune first too (since early May). I'm not sure if they are still going to be made. I don't think I want it anymore at this point anyway, but I am curious.
  4. Chuggie, I am kinda over it too now ..
    I waited so long for my LE Magenta and now Jaune First..
  5. I was just going to ask the same question. I've been on the waitlist forever too. I spent so much time trying to decide if that color really was for me. Now, with the '08 swatches surfacing, I think I will decline it if it does become available.

    However, I am starting to get a little concerned about the future of the First style. I hope they don't discontinue it.
  6. As for me, I let Twiggy or Day style passed by cos I really want the First..but now regret starts to creep on me!!!

    OT, your cat is so cute Amber!!! :smile:
  7. I'm looking forward to a Jaune First!!!
  8. any news?
    this would be such a great small bag!
  9. I've spoken to CultStatus on the weekend and was told it should be hitting Australia in mid November..

    I don't know though..these days Balenciaga seems to take forever in delivering their goods..
    Lets keep the fingers crossed..
  10. I had totally forgotten that I was on the waitlist for a jaune first. I wonder if they decided not to produce them?