What Handbag Are You Absolutely Wanting Right Now?!

  1. 1. Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap in Black Caviar
    2. Balenciaga City in Officier

    Getting the Chanel next weekend and the Bal maybe in April. :biggrin:
  2. I really want the Celine Bittersweet (medium) in white for the summer...I keep waiting for it to go on sale but, (un)fortunately, it hasn't.
  3. Linea Pelle Dylan Zip Tote in Black-Leaf-or Smoke
  4. Vintage Chanel XL Flap...:tup::yes:
  5. 1. Chanel: metallic turquoise flap
    2. Balenciaga: a City, don't know what colour yet

  6. :heart:im dying to have a birkin but im 20 it seems pretty impossible.. maybe when i turn 21.. haha.. but i would be greatful with chanel valentine flap. here it is!
    chanel 202.jpg
  7. I'd die for the Spy bag like Rai's!:drool: But I'll wait patiently till December:angel:

    Rai Spy 2.jpg
  8. This is my vote as well. Just gorgeous.
  9. I'd love to have a LV Damier Papillon 30! It's so cute!! Maybe next year I'mma buy that eggroll :graucho:
  10. I would love a grey Gerard Darel 24 hours zip, and a crimson Linea Pelle Dylan Messenger Bag
  11. Loving what people are posting! Post more!:yahoo:
  12. blue jeans Kelly 28:yes:
  13. I want a chanel jumbo flap in blue or fuchsia... I want~~~
  14. I can happily oblige, voguegurl! ;)

    I also want a pewter crash full size Belen Echandia Love Me, a white multicolor LV wapity case, and a black studded Rebecca Minkoff devote tote. (I am a woman of quiet tastes).