What Handbag Are You Absolutely Wanting Right Now?!

  1. chanel purple metallic reissue flap
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    Can you post a pic? That sounds amazing!!
  3. Jimmy Choo Ramona!!! In any color Leather!

  4. i want it to :heart:
    i hope to buy it very soon !!:tup:
  5. Alexander McQueen Elvie in Green patent leather - absolutely lusting after it but have no money!
  6. Jimmy Choo Saba/L Leather Handbag in chocolate or the Sky/L in white
  7. Galliera PM :heart: hopefully soon!
  8. there are a bunch of marc jacobs bags i want from his upcoming spring collection.
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    I really like the Galliera GM Damier Azur. One day perhaps.
  10. Balenciaga First:cloud9:
  11. a super hot mamma diaper bag, lol:p
  12. ^Congrats tatertot!

    There are an unusual number of great navy blue bags out this season by lots of different designers. Its usually hard to find a navy blue bag, and I'm really craving one... Right now I'm focused on this Jimmy Choo Mandah.

    Navy Jimmy Choo Mandah.jpg
  13. i would say none.... but i would jump on a balenciaga sapphire day if it came my way!!
  14. I've been wanting a Balenciaga SGH for the longest time...in red...another colour would be suitable but...i WANT that bag! In a City :smile:
  15. OH GoD!!
    I'm dying for the following:
    1. Miu Miu Nappa Charm in Mughetto color
    2. LV Palermo PM
    3. Chanel Caviar Black Lambskin

    In that order!! Planning on getting Miu Miu by May, LV by September and Chanel for XMAS 2009...that's the plan, hopefully my budgeting will allow!!!