What Handbag Are You Absolutely Wanting Right Now?!

  1. Pretty much said it all in the title. I would love to see what people are dying to have now. Please include designer, color, and pix if you can! :tup:
  2. i absolutely want a birkin now... but i know i can't afford it. i would like to get the black 35 in togo leather with GH :drool:
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  3. so far in the spring line, i want anything in the botkier james line...but alas, i wil have to wait for a big sale.
  4. louis vuitton stephen embosse ivory or orange
  5. Another Balenciaga City. Maybe Electric Blue!
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  6. Prada Cervo Antik Tote in light blue.
  7. i would die to have a birkin- i'm 19 though so i don't see it happening quite yet. at the moment, chanel vintage jumbo XL.
  8. Currently obsessing on the red patent Emerson I didn't order during the Goldenbleu closeout sale. :sad:
  9. Id love a Birkin also, or a Mulberry..pretty much anything by them.

    I did just cave last night on the MbMJ I was dreaming of.
  10. I really want a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini. I'm currently saving up for it (slowly...).
  11. Not really a handbag, but I'm dying for a MJ zip clutch. I'm on ban at the moment...:push:
  12. I want a Black Balenciaga City Rh to replace a black Kooba Jillian, The Jillian is just too heavy.
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    Chanel Grey Patent Jumbo :love:

  14. borrowed this pic from the Hermes Reference Library, Picotin GM in orange :yes:

  15. LV Damier Speedy.