What gloss does Victoria Beckham wear?

  1. Her lips always look so nice.
  2. ^ I've heard that she's a big fan of Stila lip glaze :yes:
  3. Thank you!
  4. On her website she has a video up, I blv its the one when she is on the plane, and she is applying lip gloss - the cap is black. Ive wondered too what brand it was.
  5. I remember reading that she's a fan of Bourjois lip gloss.
  6. [​IMG]

    she looks ape-like =\
  7. That was completely unnecessary. This thread is about her gloss, sweetie ;) :flowers:
  8. sorry i was searchin for a pic of her where you can see her lips
    and i realized she reminds me of a monkey!
  9. Everyone has their imperfections... :flowers:

    I always love her lip glosses too, I'm sure she feels just as naked without some on as she would without clothes on.
  10. It's ok-- no hard feelings whatsoever! I'm all for threads going off topic lol, I just didn't want this to get turned into a catty celebrity-bashing thread, kwim?
  11. There used to be a website listing all the lipsticks of celebs but I can't find it. I also believe there was a thread a while back listing the site. I like her gloss too, very natural, just enough color so I'd be interested too.
  12. well, i just finished her book and in it she recommends:
    stila lip glaze
    lancome juicy tubes
    she doesn't list what she uses for colors....
  13. she is flawless..... i love her, she is like jlo..... hard to catch her looking bad.