What feedback should I leave?

  1. I just bought a Bbag from a reputable seller. I specifically asked if there were any scratches and she said no. There were two tiny ones but they are not a big deal. The bags is nice and I am happy with it. But, I was shocked that she crammed the bag into a box that was too small. I knew she wasn't including a box in the sale so that was ok but although I ordered a city, I thought it was going to be a first when I saw the box. I couldn't imagine how it could be in that small box. What feedback should I leave?
  2. I would leave her postitve as she might not have seen the scratches herself, as you did say they were tiny. But you could add a comment saying that you felt it could have needed to be shipped in a larger box if you felt that it damaged the bag?
  3. Did the "sloppy" shipping cause any damage? This seller must try to save money from shipping since now USPS charges rate per size of the box. But I agree, BBag is not cheap, she should ship it in a better way. I wouldn't give her a positive feedback. I would just leave her without a feedback.
  4. I've had this happen to me before when a seller tried to cram an item in a box that was in my opinion too small. I felt like I should leave pos FB because the item was not damaged, so I said something like "item arrived quickly and described, but packed poorly." This might work in your situation.
  5. I agree, you have to express sincerely if you were unsatisfied, even if it is just regarding packaging.
  6. I had this same thing happen to me. A seller also crammed a bag into a priority box to small for the bag. I emailed the seller with my dissapointment. The response I got was rude and unprofessional. THAT is what pushed me to leave negative feedback for the seller. Had I received an apologetic response things probably would have been left at that. Of course I received a negative back, but I was okay with that and not surprised. For me it really comes down to the communication. If a buyer sees my negative and the replies to it, it is apparent who the problem was in the transaction.

    So, I guess it's what feels best for you.