what exactly is a money order - urgent help pls.

  1. I've got a few things for sell on ebay and I put that i only accept paypal. Someone just emailed me asking if I accept money orders. What exactly are they? And should I accept them? Are they safe? How do they work? I asked my boyfriend but he doesn't know so I thought all you ladies will be able to help me out.
    Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. I think it's like a check. But you purchase it from the bank???
  3. It is a cheque that the buyer has paid up front for from either a postal office or a bank. It is completely secure funds, it will never bounce. The only problem with it is that it takes longer than paypal as the seller needs to send you the money order first, so if you really need the funds quickly paypal is the quicker option
  4. Ask them to get a postal money order..they are safe.and you can cash them in the Post office
  5. thanks girls - I Knew you would come through with some help.... I love this forum!!! Ill let the seller know that I will accept.
  6. If you get Postal Money order, please make sure cash it in the post office to be safe. There are some fake Postal money order around.
  7. You can get money orders usually from Safeway too from like Western Union. Much safer then getting a check.
  8. I would get them to do a USPS money order (postal office)...then once you get it, take it with you when you ship it...cash it first and THEN mail out the package. This way you ensure you have the cash in hand before letting go of your item.
  9. postal money orders are safe and CHEAP. Western Union charges an arm and a leg!
  10. You can also get money orders at most large grocery stores and a lot of convenience stores like 7-Eleven. Like anything else, they can be forged, definitely cash it and have it clear prior to shipping the package.
  11. thanks everyone for your help - I guess we must have them in the UK (where Im originally from - I think its called a postal order) but I thought they went out with the ark.
  12. Yes Western Union is a ***** and a half I ended up paying $100 AU on a belt that cst $30 US so that was around $45 -$50 AU for the service! a money rder would have been less that $5 Au
  13. you can get them at 7-11. But the best place is the post office. if it gets lost, you will be given a numbered reciept so you will be ok.
  14. yeah, money orders r so much safer coz u know it has money on it already, so really very safe..