What does your tpf pic mean?

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  1. HI guys,
    I've been trying to download or is it upload a pic for my tpf profile, but I'v been having trouble 1.deciding on what kind of pic and 2.how to actually do it. Some of you have such great profile thumbnail pics, it got me thinking, what do they mean? Are they really pics of you, your kids, your bags , bags you want, your favorite cartoon character??
    Anyone want to share the meaning of your picture?
  2. mine is a pic of me! :p
  3. Adorable!
  4. thanks! what are you planning for your picture?
  5. I have been trying to get my son to make me a pic of an angel delivering the goods - hard to get bags! LOL he is so busy I will have to tie him to the seat soon LOL
  6. Right now, I only have a pic of my husbands cars and my dog on my computer and I really don't want to use either. Plus my hubby tried to use the dog pic and for some reason it just wouldn't take every time we tried to upload it!! I recently bought a camera and thought about taking pics of my bags or maybe of myself, but I'm not sure. Any suggestion on how to get a pic from the web to use as my pic? I would even like a pic of J-Lo, not a superfan but I love the way she looks most of the time.
  7. Mine is of my Coach purse and shoes...DH Christmas present to me..:smile:
  8. There is also another thread on this. It's called "Introduce Your Avatar".

  9. :yes: :yes:
Thread Status:
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