What does your bag represent?

  1. Started thinking about this after my Chanel fiasco. Does your bag represent anything? For example, does it reflect: money, freedom, youth, status, being unique and obscure, being in the "know".......??
  2. For me, my bags represent times in my life - usually presents from someone dear, or a present to/from myself!

    But specifically, although I have a fun collection, a turquoise Charles David satchel bag I got at a ridiculous sale (to match some shoes from the same collection) has kept it's beauty through many, many moons and outlasted even other premium designer brands. It amazes me every time I pull it out... one of the first bags I spent a few bucks on (but not nearly as much as an LV or BBag) it sort of symbolizes independence for me.

    And since it is one of the oldest I have, and still looks nearly new despite years of use, I generally get a kick out of the fact that a bag that represents freedom and individuality to me has held up.

    Hopefully, like me ;)
  3. For me, my purses represent my being unique and my love of variety. I'm the only person I know who can go for three months and never carry the same bag twice. All of my bags are NOT high-end, expensive, or designer, and I don't care. I like them.
  4. I'm actually picking up my FIRST LV today!! For me, my nice things represent my hard work. I pay for most of my designer pieces (mostly clothes) with my OWN money that I worked hard for. It makes me feel good to know that this bag is truly, and really MINE. I earned those dollars and everything. I save up money and spend smartly. This summer, I have my first REAL job (an internship). Before I would just babysit a lot or volunteer but now I am making good money and I wanted to treat myself. My new LV will be a reward to myself for working hard all year in college and for working hard at my summer job.
  5. The bag I carry consistently is of the highest quality workmanship and materials. It represents freedom because I no longer feel the need to acquire the "Bag of the Year" and because its design is classic.

    It also represents status. But since it is without blatant logo, the average person doesn't know the cost.
  6. Happy happy shopping moments ( me shallow!! ). :roflmfao:
  7. What My Handbags Mean to Me:p

    by Indiaink

    Class. But, of course, this is in my own mind. But if it makes me feel good, then that's all the matters. We should do a thread in the other forum about what defines 'class'.

    The ability to show My Clever Artistic Taste; what I carry is indicative of my inner artist (and yet - my inner artist is a quiet talker - nothing loud or abrasive, as some artistes can be.)

    My fine taste; but of course, m'dear. Where I got this problem from I have no idea. I can't recall what my mother carried as a handbag.

    My appreciation for a well-made and well-designed item. I carried a handbag made from cloth rather than leather (once) and my stepmother commented that "that wasn't like me". Like me? Which raises more questions.

    My Sense of Order and All That is Right With the World. If I can't find the right handbag for the mood I'm in at that moment, my world is out of order.

    So - my handbags represent many things, of which all or none would be understood by the general public. Thank you for asking.
  8. Well, mine represent diversity at it's best! I never know when I will dress up or down, but I will alway have a bag ready at my command!!
  9. A few of my more recent bag purchases remind me of successful business trips...I purchased them when I was on the road as a reward to myself of 7-10 days of working 18 hours a day/overnight + grueling cross country travel!

    My bags also represent my style, taste, confidence and independence. No one has bought me any bags but me, and I'm damn proud I can afford them on my own (although, someday it would be nice getting them from a SO or DH too, hee hee).
  10. Great!!! I would love to know the bag you are referring to as well :yes:
  11. Mine represent individuality. I was into LV before (at least in my area) "young" people were (I was 22 at the time). Didn't bother me a bit to not have the latest or the greatest (although it was the most expensive-LOL!!). Now I like my solid leather Cynthia Rowleys that are totally different from anyone else's (except my co-worker whom I totally copied!) LOL!! But yes, I love bags & enjoy having my "own" thing. I know what I'm trying to say but for some reason I can't get my words right tonight!:confused1:
  12. i think by bag's choices represents my taste, my style, that i'm someone who's only settled for what she thinks is the best and don't settle for the second best.
    it also mirrored the way i dressed, the way i live my life.
  13. My bag represents how truly lucky I am. I am truly blessed that I can even afford to have some of life's luxuries. Looking inside my bag, you could also get some ideas about my habits, hobbies, and tastes.