What does everyone think of the Bal Hook bag? Practical?

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  1. Hi again...I have tried a few PF searches on the hook bag, but not much is coming up.

    Who owns a Hook bag? Do you find them practical? Any feedback on this bag?

    Most importantly, any modelling shots?:graucho:
  2. I've never owned one (yet), but I absolutely LOVE the Hook Tote. If I could ever find one in Ink in mintish condition like this one pictured in Corey's "SOLD" archieve, I'd be all over it!


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  3. Wow that looks amazing. I've never heard of this style before.
  4. Oh wow! I have actually seen one or two of these around malls, but never knew they were from balenciaga!! :nuts:

    Looks like a 'pimped-out' weekender!!
  5. Oh, ok...So they come in a few different sizes, do they?
  6. i think it comes in all sizes actually. i've seen smaller ones, tote ones, square ones, etc...
    barney's carries these from time to time and i think they are on the BALENCIAGA website too?
  7. I had a blueberry hook bag but it was too big for me so I traded it for Plomb Day! Its still there @ RDC!
  8. Wow! I just checked out lilasianvixen's Blueberry Hook in her link...It's huge! It doesn't look that big on RDC's site...Hmmm. I want to paste a shot of it here, but I don't know why I can't copy/paste anymore :sad:
  9. Here you go - lilasianvixen's Blueberry Hook:

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  11. Glossie, you're a champ! I guess I couldn't find these in a search, as I was searching on the keyword 'hook'...Ta!
  12. ^^PMed you! :smile: