What do you wear with Multicolor???

  1. I have been back and forth about picking up something in Multicolor. To me it seems more like a seasonal style, especially the white. Black may work for the colder months, but the only style that appeals to me in black is the Priscilla (which I equally love in white!). I was wondering what you ladies wear with your multicolor, because the bag itself is so colorful. I guess I would wear solid color tops with jeans, but is it a bad idea to add even more color to the outfit and risk looking loud???
    Thanks in advance :heart:
  2. I think considering there are 33 colors in the MC line it can go with any and everything and look great!
  3. In a sense it's like patchwork cause it'll match everything, but just make sure not to wear too many colors or any prints otherwise you'll be louder than the bag which is already pretty loud.
  4. As I said in similar thread, when it comes to a multi color piece, you need to let the bag do all the talking, so stick with monotone clothing, it's the classiest way to wear multicolor. :smile:
  5. I can't agree more. This early Spring, I had a white, knitted sweater top (silky looking) with a pale blue capri (silky like material) on. I decorated my outfit with a white/pale blue silk scarf, AND the white MC alma. Stunning! The MC made a statement. It made my plain looking outfit look outstanding.:smile:
  6. I usually wear jeans (either blue or black) with my black MC. For tops...I wear solid colors....sometimes I'll wear one of my Grail tops because the colors of the Grail logo look great with it!
  7. I try to avoid "busy" patterned clothing. I love wearing white outfit with my white MC..
  8. I usually wear jeans or khakis with a solid color tee in the summer with my white mc. I have alot of striped shirts & it is too much paired with the mc.
  9. With my white mc speedy I'll wear either a white or black top with jeans. However, it is correct that with 33 colors in it you can pretty much wear any solid color shirt with jeans.
  10. anything looks great with mc line.
    Jeans, capris, you name it. I would keep my clothes toned down more when wearing the mc line, just because the bags are flashy all on their own.
  11. I normally wear black anyway and either my black MC Alma or white MC Speedy goes well with it.
  12. I carry the white all year round and tend to wear monocolor with it---like all black, or just a turquoise sweater with a black skirt---something to bring out a color in the purse.
    I love white mc!!!
  13. I think that pretty much anything goes with multicolor. I like to wear bright solid colors, but neutral colors look good too. I have a bright blue skirt that I love to wear when I carry my white MC Speedy. This is the only picture I could find of my favorite outfit to go with my Speedy :rolleyes:


    I think that it also looks good with more toned down colors

  14. i don't wear colorful clothing....so my Priscilla white adds a bit of a final touch on my outfit, it completes my boring-tone look :smile:

    so i think priscilla white will work great for u!!
  15. Yep just let the bag do the talking, I wear very basic colors and keep to solids where possible when wearing MC Speedy :smile: