What do you use your Portatelefono for?

  1. i just got a lamore Portatelefono (with perfect chillies placement) and i can fit my ipod and headphones, camera, phone and my money holder in it, its like a mini , mini purse ,itll come in handie for school (i don't like carrying two bags around) and travel :wlae:

    i think its really cute how you can hold it by the lil strap or attach it to your belt

    what dose every one else keep in theres?
  2. Wow! I'd never thought of the portatelefono seriously before since it looks so tiny, and it's so $$$. I'm at a point where I'd rather put that money towards a large bag that I can use more often.

    But now that you've listed your contents...I may reconsider. That's pretty impressive, and I won't have to worry about losing things in my bag!
  3. I have 2 portas: An OP 2nd Gen and a Trasporto. I haven't used either yet. I've actually been contemplating putting the OP on eBay since I now have an Angioletto.

    I plan to use my Trasporto porta as a mini purse and also to house my iPod video & headphones for trips. For me, the Portas have a very limited use, but they are super cute. I originally bought the OP at the outlet when I had given up hope of an OP Angioletto. I decided to get the Trasporto porta though because I wanted to use for travel with my Corriere. The Corriere is so big, I want to have stuff in "containers" inside so I can easily find things.
  4. i own 2 porta's, in Paradiso and Pirata. I use my Paradiso for my Video IPOD. I got the the Pirata for my daughters Nintendo DS.
  5. I use it as a camera case. :tup:
  6. Yep, me too. My camera fits perfectly inside, outside mesh pocket for extra batteries & memory card.
  7. i also have twe portatelefono's...(adios star and inferno)
    i use it as a mini purse when i dont want to carry around a purse: it can fit my cell phone, ipod or camera inside (depending where i am going) and my id/debit/credit cards in the outside mesh pocket.
    even though it is a bit expensive, i love it!!! my only complaint is that you can barely see the back print because of the dumb leather thing to connect it to your belt.
  8. :wtf: Holy moly you fit *ALL* of that in your porta?? That's insane! I don't have one yet... but I was thinking about getting one in fumo~
  9. I carry my Portatelefono (minus the leather strap/carabiner) inside my purse to hold "loose stuff" that otherwise would end up at the bottom of my purse.

    Here's what's inside my Porta at this very moment:

    Hello Kitty mirror/compact
    small tube of lotion
    tube of Advil
    USB Flash drive
    3 tampons
    4 peppermint candies
    3 Band-Aids
    one single serving pouch of Crystal Light lemonade

    :lol: Sounds like such a funny combination of items when I type it all out. I want to sing "and a partridge in a pear tree" at the end of the list (but I don't think he would fit!)

  10. I'm the same as SisterBlue and use my Inferno Portatelefono in my purse to hold all the loose stuff in my bag. Here is my list of stuff:

    Bobbi Brown lip palette
    Clinique black eyeliner
    all tied together with a rubber band:
    4 band-aids
    4 Gas-X strips
    2 Sudafed strips
    8 Triaminic cough and cold strips (for the kids)
    "push through" melt away kids Tylenol
    "push through" Claritin
    an extra pair of contacts
    small bottle of advil and aleeve

    In the net pocket I have:
    UBS Flash Drive
    Security fob for work
    toothpicks in a travel tube container
  11. I really want a porta now! It can fill my fumo requirement~~ It sounds like it's really useful~
  12. I am currently using it to store my camera and ipod nano. Now I have more ideas from Sisterblue & wklouie!!
  13. My DS fits perfectly in it. I don't have enough "loose stuff" in my purses to go in it.
  14. i was surprised at all it holds, i never even thought of one till i saw the lamore with the chillies on it, now im starting to think about how many more i need :push:
  15. I frequent a few parenting sites and DS stands for Dear Son, so I was like what is she talking about....then I realized you were talking about a Game Boy. :roflmfao: