What do you use for a gym bag?

  1. I work out before work or during lunch and I have to walk a LOT with my gym bag to get to and from work. I sometimes use a backpack and other times an LL Bean tote. Both are fine - perfect really - but they don't go along with the rest of my work outfit. What do you use? Do you have a Coach bag you use for the gym? Are there any Coach bags meant for that purpose?
  2. I love my Coach bags, but I dont think I would spend the money on one for a gym bag. I just use an Adidas duffle and it works great. I just couldn't bear to put a nice coach in a gym locker or on a gym floor. I think as long as you're not using something old and ratty it would look just find if you're walking all over with it and want to look nice. I couldn't care less because I don't have to carry my gym bag around with me. An LL Bean tote sounds cute, and you wouldnt worry about it getting messed up. just my two cents
  3. ^ I have "1001" totes left over from my undergrad college days, so I usually just end up using one of those. I don't know if there is a Coach bag I would want to use a gym bag?
  4. perhaps a diaper bag from the outlet or a leather backpack?
  5. I've never seen a Coach bag for that, but I would get to they gym more if I had one!
    I use a nylon Herve Chapelier tote that is roomy and nearly indestructible.
  6. I just use a lesportsac tote for the gym. I think it may be a bad idea to bring a nice bag to the gym - it might encourage theft, which is always a problem in gym locker rooms. If you *really* want a coach bag, though, I'd recommend a Hamptons nylon bag.
  7. I use a really cute leopard print tote from J Crew that I bought last year. It's adorable but only cost about $80 and is perfect for the gym.
  8. lately i have been using a puma bag but before that i was using my LV large noe until i noticed it coming apart at the bottom after 10 years:crybaby:
  9. My gym rents out lockers, so I never carry a 'gym bag!' but totally rock the Coach on my way in and on my way out. :smile:
  10. i use an olddddd gucci bag...i dont think theft is a huge problem (at least at my gym) and i think if you really wanted to you can get one of the really cute coach totes! Its all about being proud of what you wear and how you wear it! If it makes you feel good, go for it. As for coach bags getting dirty on the gym floor....who cares ITS JUST A BAG! (Dont shoot me please hehe) i mean im VERY harsh on my bags but i just get them dry cleaned and their good as new...! In my opinion, bags are meant to be used, they are mean to bring joy and if the girl wants a coach tote GO FOR IT! Youll be the hottest worker outter at your gym ;) (yes i just made up words but its ok, im a journalist ;) hahahaha)
  11. I have accumulated quite a number of Bebe Sport gym bags but have not really gotten myself to go to the gym or use them...once again, sitting in my closet accumulating dust. :push:
  12. UNDER ARMOR...UGH or however the commercial goes.

    I love carrying my gym bag, in the elevator I get many looks from people who I know are thinking....damn I need to be working out too.
  13. Gosh. If I don't hit the gym, all the snacks I'm taking in during finals is going to make me unhealthily stocked with cellulite.
  14. love LOVE those little adidas duffles.