what do you think?

That noe is in BAD shape, you can make it look a little better, I've done it with an old one before, but I bet you could find a better one on let trade one of these days for a good price...
I'm sooooo wanting a Noe too...but sadly I think I'd pass on this one...agree w/earlier poster in that it should be retired...just keep patient [hard I know] I'm sure a much better one will come along on let trade at a fair price!!! :smile:
No, this one is in awful shape. It will cost you more to fix this than you'd imagine and I don't think it'd last very long. I should know, I've spent money on "cheap" LV and it wasn't even worth it.

Don't worry, there will be other Noes!
There's another one that just listed the other day that I'm watching, also. I was up and down with the one I linked above, because of the stains. Everything else looked ok, but when I saw the bottom, I was like, "What a dealbreaker!" It does suck to have to be patient... I'm waiting for the seller of the other one to get back to me with a question I asked, so hopefully, I find one soon!
^I've been having a Noe fetish lately, and I'm looking for a Mini Noe. I always run across Noes that are in really good shape for great prices, and occasionally I'll post them on the great deals link. The thing with ebay is that you have to be patient (like you said), and STALK it like there's no tomorrow! LOL. That's one of my secrets on finding great deals; being specific with what you want and checking ebay 24/7. :yes: