What do you think?

  1. Okay ladies, need your expert advice. I gave my little sister my LV monogrammed speedy 25 & I really adore that bag. Should I get the same bag, but in the 30 OR should I get the denim speedy OR forget Speedy all together? I know, I should shell out an extra $1,600 and get the Spy, huh??? Hehehehhehhe

    P.S. I think I made a huge mistake by not jumping all over the Spy when I had the chance. If I do decide on the Spy, which color should I get? I have tons of black bags already. But I love black bags soooo much.
  2. Get the Spy.
  3. even if you get the spy you'll end up with another lv because they are 2 totally different styles. love rich brown spy.
  4. right now i would say spy all so because in the long run u will end up with an LV :smile: