What do you think ?

  1. I am going on vacation next summer [mostly to beach-y area's like Florida and Cali] and was going to SO the Azur Speedy 35, but then figured out it won't be available to SO yet! I thought the light colors would go great with that time of the year, so then I thought of getting the Azur Speedy 30. I was thinking to myself however, I'm 5'11 and just got an epi speedy 35 and it is the perfect size[with room left over still]. So do I want to buy the 30 and use it then sell it when the 35 is available to order? Or will I like it after using it so much? I can't decide. Otherwise I might just SO the Damier Speedy 35. Ugh what to do people ?? TIA so much ! :heart::heart:
  2. What about a Saleya? I think it is such a pretty bag and looks great in that style!
  3. well I think you need to prioritize the SIZE or the DESIGN of the bag first.
    If you LOVE the damier Azur canvas more, then wait a few months to get it SO-ed (or perhaps LV will introduce the 35 size in azur soon too, so no need to get it SO-ed now!).
    OR if you prefer the size 35 more than the 30, then just get it in Damier canvas.
    I think the worst choice would be getting the epi 30 because (1) you're compromising for the design, (2) compromising for the size, and (3) you already have an epi speedy one size larger.
  4. I'm not really a fan of the Saleya :sad:
  5. No i HAVE an epi already I'm not getting another....
  6. Just a thought - A light coloured bag looks bigger...
    So maybe a Azur 30 will look big enough?
  7. Veelyn,
    I was thinking of doing the same thing.......let me know what you decide and if you get any info on the special order Azur Speedy 35 !!! I envision that being a fabulous bag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  8. travelbliss & lilled- the azur line isnt availble to SO yet cuz it hasnt been out long enough =[ Maybe I will go to the store and try the 30 on?? :confused1::confused1: