What do you think?

  1. Didn't get these last year and was kicking myself so I caved and just got both. :p I love the starfish style!

  2. those are so adorable! very summery!
  3. Very cute =)
  4. I remember seeing those on sale and wasn't fast enough to get them. Where did you find them? They are very cute.
  5. Cute!!
  6. Yeah, they were in the Anthropologie catalog last year and sold out. There are a couple pairs on eBay right now but not many. The brown ones were $40....which is less then half price! (That seller has one of that exact pair still left.) The white ones...my favorite :p .....are on sandalworld.com.
  7. Very cute!!!
  8. Cute-congrats
  9. I like 'em!!!
  10. very cute
  11. those are cute. Are they comfortable?
  12. Cute!
  13. Didn't receive them yet but I will let you know if they're comfy.