What do you think of this tote?

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    What do you guys think of this knitted tote? Should I buy it? Could you use it every day? Please help ASAP. ps I hope I did the picture okay. My first time!!!
  2. it's cute but it might not hold up in the winter weather
  3. Cute, but perhaps more for the summer....
  4. Your photo turned out just fine. It's a really nice tote, but as others said, is weather a factor where you live? Consider that in your decision.
  5. Nms.
  6. It's awefully expensive for a knitted bag. You could learn to knit and make one just as nice and not spend a fortune. I knit myself and have knitted a purse; they are very easy. Plus you can show off your handiwork.
  7. It's cute, but I agree that it's more of a summer/spring tote. I'd also be worried about keeping it clean.
  8. Missola, that's a pretty tote but like Queen D says, it's very expensive. Are you looking for knitted bags?

    PS I can't knit though!
  9. It is a little pricey for a knitted bag..ok the workmanship looks quite refine, but I'm just a little concern over the fact that the bag looks a little too fragile and delicate (since it's knitted). I really don't think you can put too many things in there, and certainly not a bag I would use on a daily basis...

    And these are the reasons why I find it hard to justify this (potential) pucharse..sorry..

    Purely my 3 cents' worth..
  10. I like it. :yes:

    The pattern reminds me of Kaffe Fassett (SP.?), who was a famous knitwear designer in the '80s.

    My Mum used to knit from his beautiful patterns and it took forever, because they were so complex.

    This complexity almost certainly explains the price, afterall, they haven't got Chinese children knitting them on a machine and they certainly aren't just a simple knit one, pearl one.

    ETA: Kaffe and his amazing designs are still around, I'm happy to say:

    Kaffe Fassett Studio Knitting
  11. I like it!
  12. Get it. Its different. Thats why I say Get it! :yes:
  13. it's cute. :biggrin:
  14. Oh I like this. I would use it everyday. Since I knit and crochette too, the price doesn't bother me but this yarn must have been knotted several times to achieve that pattern. I would love to see the workmanship to make certain the knots won't let loose. Sometimes yarn isn't even knotted its woven through stitches on the back of the piece to hold it together.

    I bet you could use woolite on this piece and it will clean up well.
  15. :yes: I think the colors look very warm and summery. Besides, I doubt the colors would go with a lot of colors. I'd use it as a summer spring bag.