what do you think of this paris video?

  1. i don't think its official, but it kinda makes one sad. a friendship that died always makes me sad actually... i love my friends to death.:yes:

  2. It doesn't look official, especially since it has credits on certain clips. What a *****y song though! I can't believe she released it because it is so obviously about Nicole (or will be interpreted that way by everyone), and that kind of dig is just not very classy.

    Can we mention once again that she can't sing???
  3. That's kind of sad, I'm no paris fan but what the hell happened so bad between them? I mean they knew each other since they were two.
  4. Well, it totally doesn't look official. It looks like something a fan cropped together in youtube lol
    And 1) she can't sing, and 2) it is extremely rude of her to make a song like that!
  5. i saw the song.. she looks good but crappy song!

  6. I know! If I knew someone for more than half my life I'd try to keep the friendship and not start anything that might upset the other.I personally think that one person got big-headed from the sudden fame but i'm not sure who it is.Perhaps...Paris because she seems so different from one she first came out.:shrugs:
  7. Yep, its so sad that they are not friends anymore. I missed the old "simple life", i hate the current season now...
  8. I was watching some program, I think VH1, and they said that Paris broke off the friendship because Paris felt Nicole wasnt grateful enough to her since she got Nicole to where she is, made Nicole famous.

    Whatever happened, I get the impression that Paris just got bored with Nicole or something. To me that just shows how little she values her friends. Does she care about anyone besides herself?
  9. is it true that at one of paris' party, nicole tried to play a joke by playing her sex video for the crowd instead of another tape and paris got pissed and told her that she won't ever forgive her? someone told me about this and that's what paris means when she says "nicole knows what she did.."

    oh well, its both their loss!
  10. I'm sorry but both of those girls need to go away!!!! I'M SO TIRED OF THEM! There are so many interesting and fascinating people out there who deserve more attention.
  11. You guys should read Nicole's book, I think it explains alot...indirectly of course!