What do you think of this Monsac bag?

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  1. I'm seriously liking this one. I have several Monsac bags and love the design/quality.

  2. Like it, it looks very practical for the workplace !
  3. I like it! Very classic, and streamlined.
  4. I love it...
  5. The thing I love about Monsac bags is that they were one of the first brands to have an interior cell and PDA pocket in addition to the zip pocket. That's what hooked me early on, also the classic styling.
  6. that is a stunning bag in its simplicity. is the front pocket a snap or zip or both? it really is lovely.
  7. It looks like it's a snap/button closure. I haven't seen the bag IRL, may check out Nordstroms tomorrow to see if they have it.
  8. I like it. love the color.
  9. It's a very handsome bag! It looks like it could go with virtually anything....

    Construction has just begun on a Nordstrom's in Honolulu...I can't wait!! :P
  10. I love Monsac bags! That color is so pretty and I like the feet at the bottom of the bag. Very pretty!
  11. Great bag! Love the style and the color! Good eye!
  12. It looks like a great everyday bag!
  13. Very classic! Love it- especially that color!
  14. Pseub, that's an elegant bag.
  15. I love the color and the style, Pseub! It's very pretty!