What do you think of this handbag?

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2014
    Hi all
    I am really in love with this ysl monogramme satchel and considering buying it... I think its an elegant timeless bag.... What do you think about it?!

    I was surprised to find almost no any intrest in this bag and no body mentioned it here in the forum. So I wounder why is it not that popular and what drawbacks it may have ?!!
  2. I think, it's perfection!!!! Such a great bag!! Elegant and classic!!!!
  3. Thank you dear I couldn't agree more :smile: ... Have u ever seen it on someone? I didn't find any pictures for people wearing it...
  4. Oh yes I think I saw it in the Joseph store in London. Very chic
  5. Loving the 80s feel of it!
  6. I think it's beautiful and the great part is that the chain can be worn short or long plus the leather part on the strap makes the bag more comfortable to wear.

    I really wanted it but I didn't like that it only had a magnetic button closure and one zipper compartment on the inside. This bag would be perfect if it had additional twin pockets on the inside and maybe a turnlock instead of the magnetic button or zipper underneath the flap to make it more secure.
  7. Thank you that's a good point... Did you have the chance to try on the shopping one..

    I think it might be more convenient but its too big to be worn on formal occasions..
  8. No problem! I've seen the shopping tote irl but did not try it on... I'm not a fan of it as there's no zipper on the top section, just the little magnetic button flap to keep the bag closed. Plus, I'm not a big shoulder bag person and you can't adjust the straps like you can with the satchel. I just think the whole look of the satchel is classier than the shopping tote. And yes, I think it's too big to be worn on formal occassions.
  9. I love this bag too! I tried on one last month and was impressed by how durable it felt while still looking so elegant.
  10. lucky you could tried it.. I went to my local Saint Laurent store a couple of days ago but they told me that the satchel was sold out :sad: and that it finishes as soon as it comes because many people are requesting and ordering it...
    I was really hoping to try it on as I am considering ordering it online. I did however tried on the shopping bag and the salesman told me that the satchel is about the same size..I am 5' only and about size 6, I think the shopping bag size looked good for my shape but I am worried that a satchel with the same size would look a little bit awkward...
    I want to order the satchel online but I am afraid to do so without trying it on me...
    So how did you find the size of the bag? would you consider it large or wide for a petite person?

    Thanks :smile:
  11. Hello! I actually had a mad moment last weekend and bought this bag. I am head over heels.

    It is quite big, but not bulky. I'm 5'2" and a US 8/10 and it feels very comfortable. I like a bigger bag and would definitely wear it longer for formal occasions.

    This photo isn't great, but you might get a good idea of the size from it :smile:

    http://imgur.com/HHUtm1D (photo insert not working so here's the link!)
  12. Wow congrats u look amazing... I think the bag is perfect on you..
    Thank you so much for sharing :smile: