what do you think of this botkier sasha mini hobo?

  1. the leather looks really nice and everything seem to be in order. If still not convinced ask the seller for more pics
  2. I actually don't think the new line of Botkier has been faked yet. I could be wrong. I've never seen the new line IRL yet, so I can't tell you for sure if this bag looks authentic. But are the new Botkier bags lined w/ botkiers all over?
  3. The pictures aren't close up but it looks good to me. I just looked at the medium size of that bag in Norstroms yesterday. :love: Love it. The leather is soooo soft. I hope you get it.
  4. i'm no expert but the tags look like the tags on my botkier, if that helps.
  5. thanks everyone for your help. haven't seen one IRL either n don't know what the interior looks like because I haven't come across a website which shows it yet.

    BabyK - that's what i think too, that it's too new a line for it to be faked yet. also i don't think the sashas are as popular as the biancas so they wouldn't bother faking them u think?

    suzi - the leather does look lovely in the pics n u have also confirmed it now, so it's even more tempting now.

    i'll watch it and see how the auction goes. :smile: