What do you think of this bag?

  1. It is absolutely awesome:nuts: I loooove it:love:
  2. Yea! I love it too. Sadly enough, $465 seems like a steal.
  3. I really like her bags this season. Are you thinking of buying?
  4. Yes, I am considering it...the issue is whether to save up for the Novak (I am on the waiting list) or to get the Isabella Fiore one...I really shouldn't get both as I have already bought the Paddy, the Silverado, the Mulberry Roxanne and the Bottega Veneta. This bag will be my last one before spring (or so I tell myself).

    Opinions on the Fiore versus the Novak?
  5. I love bags with character. When I say character, in the way that it’s well made with intricate details and finely chosen materials to make up the entire bag. Sometimes what makes a bag beautiful isn't a designer name, but how well the bag is made overall.

    I like it! I think it'll add spice into an outfit!

  6. These are 2 very different bags. One is a lot more practical and the other is funky. I really really like the Novak bag. It's something your kids would steal out of your closet in 20 years.
  7. True, meme...I think the Novak will be more versatile...I hope I can get the red Novak though. I may just wait for that one...